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  1. TMG Gold Version 7.04 & Windows 10

    Jim or Terry, I need desperate help. I haven't used TMG for a number of years, but decided to go back into it to update and have found one problem after another. I have several instances of what I thought were backups of my family tree. The first PC I thought it was on, no longer functions. It was at that time I discovered Wholly Genes doesn't exist anymore (strike 2). I have 5 files on a disk I believed was my latest backup: NZFrank.fpt, NZFrank.pRO, NZLibry.SQZ, NZMultim.SQZ and NZProj.SQZ. I attempted to load the software v6 on another PC running Windows 7, but it said it was incompatible, so ran on another desktop running XP. When I tried to restore, it tells me "UNZIP Request: Please insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set." I don't have any other disks. I'm frantic that I've lost EVERYTHING. Any suggestions you can give me? Nancy I can be reached at 864-719-0280