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    Researching the names Gratopp, Hearsnep, Eggert, Scanlon, Hennessey, Daum, Whitman....
  1. sentence problem in 7.01

    Ah, such an easy fix, thank you.
  2. According to the upgrade notes - "When a tag has two or more witnesses assigned the same Role and the variable [R:rolename] was used in the sentence for that witness, the names of all the witnesses with that role were listed when only the current witness should be listed." This is my sentence "[:CR:] [:TAB:] [RF:son] emigrated <[D]> <aboard the [DETAIL]> <having departed from [L3]><,[L6]> with his family - <[R:Emigrant]><,[R:Wife]> <,[R:Son]>. <[M]>. " When I print a journal the names of both sons are included in the sentence, not just the name of the current witness. Can some kind soul please advise where my error is? Thank you, Kathryn
  3. Report Types

    You can choose NEHGR (register), NGSQ (record), or TAG (The American Genealogist). Kat
  4. GUI

    As someone who was once a FTM user, I much prefer the TMG layout, because I was able to add the separate windows for siblings and children, plus whatever else I want to view. The only info that I wish I could display, and if there is a way please tell me, is at least BMD for the spouse when looking at a person's page.
  5. I had been having the same issue and specifying the printer fixed it. Thanks, Kathryn
  6. My new favorite layout

    This is my layout, I am really into colour coding. My ancestors are highlighted in orange, if they are emigrants I used the orange with green fonts. Siblings are coded pink (this may change) and spouses (non-ancestral) are lavender.
  7. Sharing TMG data

    I followed Terry's directions and was successful in getting the separate project. However, the project does not have all the accents that I so diligently created and implemented. I was able to load one set of accents, but not multiple sets. Is there a way to include all of those in the new project? Kathryn
  8. Sounds

    This is a big problem for me too. I do have all sounds turned off on both my computers and yet, TMG still beeps and thunks at me. The only way I can resolve this is to actually remove the sound from the Windows folder. Please!! Remove sounds from TMG. I am using version 6.12 on my Hypersonic desktop that has XP Pro and my Toshiba laptop that has Windows XP media. Since I do listin to music while working I don't want to have to mute all sound.
  9. Accents disappeared

    I chatted with Phil in support and it does appear that I am unique <big grin>. I have backed up the updated project from my main computer to a flash drive and then to a laptop, but never the reverse. The laptop is used strictly for reference at the FHC, and I don't update it at the library, I need paper copies. Yeah, I know, extra work. The search was through all files. The flags that the accents were attached to are intact, and the few people that got flagged are still flagged, just not accented. I will recreate the accents and check them daily, to see if they decide to hang around this time.
  10. Accents disappeared

    I did run the Last Edited Report for people, I have a gap of 6 days and I'm not sure if I did nothing to people during those days or not. And yes, as I said in the original post, I did a complete search of the hard drive for *.acc files and found only the ones that had been active for a long time. Its baffling to me that they just disppeared. Kathryn
  11. Several of my newer, custom accents disappeared from the Accent window. They are not listed if I look at Load, nor can I find them in a search for *.acc on my hard drive. The basic, older ones are still there. I restored my backup of this past Thursday (from a flash drive) to a different computer and it was not there, either. Based on who I was working on the past few days, I would not have noticed the accents missing, so I'm not sure when they would have disappeared. Nor do I understand why they would disappear. I have been trying to make a list of the things and people I have worked on in the past three weeks (since the accents were originally created) to be sure nothing else is missing. To be honest, this has put me in a bit of a funk, coupled with worry that I may be losing data from the program and not realizing it. Fortunately, the notes I was working from are all still in a pile on a shelf, but that does help with the other issues like place cleanup, source cleanup, etc. The version I had installed was 6.09. Can someone explain why the accents would just disappear after they had been in use for two weeks? I could understand if they were gone the same day I created them, but not after they had been in use for a few weeks. Are there any reports that I can run that shows last edited date for people, for sources, and for citations?