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  1. I have had this same problem with both v 8 and v 9. I found that if I close everything, reboot the computer, and then open TMG and run export it will work. If I run anything else first, I wind up with an empty Gedcom file.
  2. Project Explorer Error

    Thanks, now I know it was not just me
  3. I was trying to make a search for "Name-Variation" "Max Surety 1" = 1 I got an error "SQL: Column 'NTYPE' is not found 64 XFILTERFILE_NSURE I get the same error on two differnet projects I am running TMG 8.08 on Windows 7 Duane Funk
  4. Export to Gedcom Producting Empty File

    I had that problem a few months ago, right after upgrading to Windows 7. Try NOT checking the "Suppress details for living people". Duane Funk West Linn, OR
  5. Repeat Files

    Thanks, that solved it. I should have remembered that from last time.
  6. Repeat Files

    I upgraded to Windows 7 in Jan. I have been working with two projects, one very large, one small, since then with little trouble. Yesterday I restored another project of about 300 people. With the latest project when I use f3 to repeat a source citation it tells me the repeat file is empty, when there should be several values there. I ran VFI and optimize and initialize repeat files, but the problem remains. The repeat function still works normally on the other two projects.
  7. Gedcom Export Failure

    I found two work arounds: 1. Run export on my laptop with Windows XP 2. Run export on the desktop with Windows 7, but uncheck the "suppress details for living people" block. Duane Funk
  8. I moved my TMG 7.04 to a Windows 7 platform about a week ago. Things went well until I tried to export a Gedcom. The process seemed to go as it always had, but the resulting Gedcom consisted of only one line “HEAD 0”. Export from this project takes about two hours but the time on the resulting Gedcom file is shown as when the process started, not when it should have finished. The project I am working with is large, 34,000+ individuals. I opened a much smaller project and exported it. That worked fine. Any ideas? Duane Funk
  9. "Web > Other Sites" not always working

    I have noticed that the problem seems to surface after I have conducted a search with the picklist, explorer, or run a report that requires a search. Duane Funk
  10. "Web > Other Sites" not always working

    I have been having the same problem, sometimes more than once a day. I have seven items on my list and have not changed it in over a year but it keeps asking me to "customize" Duane Funk
  11. Problem with tags linking correctly

    Finally I closed the program and restarted it and now the problem has disappeared (at least on this focus person). I'd still be interested to learn if others have experienced this problem. Tom I have run into this problem several times. Closing and then reopening the project seems to correct it. Validate does not. I usually get "no problems found" but still have the problem when I try to correct it with a vaildation. Duane Funk
  12. Co Mingled Source Types

    Jim My problem appeared to be a bug in the program that was fixed with 6.08. I had to send the whole project to tech support and they send me a patch to repair the problem. Duane
  13. Restore problems with 6.08

    I just discovered the same problem. I made a back up on exit from my laptop, transfered it to my decktop and it would not restore. I went back to the laptop and tried to restore it there, no joy. I made a backup straight from the program without the prompt on exit. Restore than worked fine on both machines. Both machines are running Windows XP. Duane Funk West Linn, OR
  14. Co Mingled Source Types

    That sounds good for next time, but I still neen to untangle the mess I have now. Duane Funk
  15. I use custom source types in my main project. Recently I started work on another project that had been imported from UFT some years ago and left untouched until now. In the process I found one individual I wanted in the main project. It had three events and two sources. I merged the two projects moved the person I wanted to the main project and deleted the other dataset. That was several days ago, yesterday I discovered that all of the source types from the second project are now in my main project, further some of them have gotten attached to existing source records. Example: The source type Roots III has appeared in my project. I did not have it before and never used it. Now if I try to delete it I am told it is used eight times. Using a Source report I found the eight sources, but when I go to those sources the source type is shown as "Death Registration (State Level)", which is what it is should be. However if I go ahead and delete Roots III these eight sources revert to the primary source type. Near as I can tell there may be over 100 sources affected by this problem. 1) How do I fix it 2) How do I keep from happening again Duane Funk West Linn, OR