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  1. My VCF will not product any charts, I create the chart and ask it to appear on screen or to file and all that happens is a flash on the screen and nothing is saved or displayed. I have tried opening an old .vc2 file and that will not open at all either. it is almost as though the program is no longer there. I have checked and the vcf.exe is in the TMG directory. Can anyone please help me work out what is happening? I have also check the "Preferences / Advanced / config files path" and this is set correctly. The file the config is set for descendent charts - ‘vcfwdec.vcc’ is in the directory. I have also tried to reset defaults and this has not worked either. ​cheers ​Sue Battersby
  2. Trial Expired

    Hi Terry thanks for the info. I have now resolved the problem. cheers Sue
  3. Trial Expired

    Hi Terry Yes I have tried the "Trouble Report" method and it did not work. I do get message that says "expired trial version" and if I put in the registration details, it says "registration data is invalid" - meanwhile your are in "read-only mode". Contact tech support for help. I am at a loss as to what else to do. Any help greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have to purchase another serial number if I can help it. thanks Sue Battersby
  4. Trial Expired

    Hi Terry, I have this issue as well, but my TMG no has "expired trial version" and it won't let me do as you have outlined, even as Administrator. It also will no longer allow me to access my data at all. Can you please help? Sue Battersby
  5. Lost TMG 9

    Can anyone help me find the TMG 9 Key that would be saved on my computer? Can anyone tell me where I can re-download a copy of the last TMG 9. My computer died and I got my database but I have lost my TMG 9 program. Help, can't survive without it.