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  1. My old laptop crashed and I need to install TMG 7.04 onto my new Windows 8 laptop. I know there is a way to recover my registration key as well, but don't recall how to go about that. I just need to get to the install program, do the install, and register the key after I am told how to do this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Death & Burial Events/Dates

    I have at least 2 cases where children were born after father's death. Of course, the father's death was accidental.
  3. Before set up v7 into win 7 32bit

    I have no problem with Word 10 on my Win 7 laptop.
  4. V7 Still using 32 bit?

    My laptop is Windows 7 64-bit but I have lots of programs, includeed TMG 7, running in 32-bit mode on it. As a matter of fact, I've also run TMG8 beta on it.
  5. The Future for TMG

    I was cleaning out an old cabinet and found the floppies for pre-release demo of TMG v.96d and the TMGDemo disk for v1.0. Also have 1.1, 1.2, 1.2A, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, as well as 4.0, 5.0, 6.0..... Currently running v7.04 Gold on Vista desktop and Windows 7 laptop, both running on 64 bit OS. I no longer have a computer that has a floppy drive, so they go in the trash bin. Cannot recycle them. Let's see what v8.0 has to offer.
  6. Backup Error

    I just tried to do a backup of one of my projects and got the following error message: OLE error code 0x8004054 class not registered 35 MENUOBJTMG.MBACKUPWIZARD. Backup working correctly the last time I backed up. What do I need to do correct this situation? Thanks in Advance.
  7. Backup Error

    That worked. Thanks.
  8. American Townships

    Roy; The same goes for here in Wisconsin. Most of my relatives were born on farms. For instance my father was born on a farm and his birth was recorded as "Brooklyn Township" in "Washburn County" so that's how I entered it. That being Brooklyn Township was entered in the city field as "Brooklyn Township". I had been doing it that way since version 04.d.
  9. Clear Filter

    I was updating my 2nd great-grandfather (who is also my 3rd great-grandfather) with a census tag and when I clicked OK, the tag didn't show up. I went to other relatives and none of the census or military tags and other tags showed. I then noticed next to the DATE header there was a FILTERED header. I checked HELP to find out how to get rid of the FILTERED header and it displayed that I should click EDIT and click CLEAR TAG FILTER. All well and good, except, the only things that show are: Delete person, Move person, Edit tag, Delete tag, and Find a person. All of other choices are gray'd out. The question is: how do I go about being able to clear that FILTERED header?? Thanks.
  10. Clear Filter

    Thanks Virginia. So easy when you know how.
  11. As I went through the tag types, I discovered that there was no tag for recording land purchases and homesteading. I noticed somewhere in examples that someone had recorded land records. I am assuming that that tag was a custom tag, however having never created a custom tag I have no idea where to start. Could someone possibly send me a template that I could use to start a custom tag? Thanks. Duane I. Smith
  12. Ofter much investigation as to why my pictures won't show , I have found out that my pictures in PICS under TMG on my new computer is looking for .BMP and all of my pics are .JPG. How can I change TMG to to look for .JPG? I've tried to find a way to change the pictures to .BMP but I'm not allowed to do that either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  13. I have about 25 to 30 cases where children from prior marriages are adopted by succeeding spouses. I am having difficulty trying to figure how these cases should be recorded. I also have a case where a sibling adopts an illegitimate child from his brother's daughter. The baby is recorded as natural birth to mother but needs to be recorded as adopted by uncle. Doesn't seem to be easily done. Thanks for any help along this line.
  14. Two other persons have asked me to participate in a new (to me) and older (to them) project. They both use FTM 2009, I sent them a detailed descendant report from my grandparents (lots of new information for them and they didn't want a GEDCOM file) and they will enter the info on one person's database and send the output to the other. Howsoever, after they get it entered, they would like me to verify the data I sent. There will also be information that I don't have. They'd like me to tell them if I want a report or a GEDCOM file (by email). Now for the challenge. If I ask for a GEDCOM file and I try to merge, how do I get rid of the exact duplicates easily? This project will likely go on for a few months, and I will likely have to do the merge more than once. I will need to send them great-grandparents descendants down to my grandparents and then my GG-g'parents down to my g-g'parents. That's how they want it. Seems they didn't want a 40 page report all at once. Thanks a bunch in advance for you help.
  15. Burial Report

    I'm trying to create a report where I have a "Death" tag but no "Burial" tag. What I have is : List of Events County = Richland County and Tag Type Group = Death and Tag Type <> Burial end This doesn't appear to work as I had expected. Where am I goinf wrong.
  16. Burial Report

    Thanks Terry. It looks like it is working OK.
  17. Custom Reports

    Since installing TMG on my new Vista computer, I am having problems finding things. I have my Custom reports in two different files but TMG7.04 cannot find them. Where do I change something so that TMG can find them? I've checked Preferences many times but to no avail. My Custom reports are in "Program Files (x86)/The Master Genealogist v7/reports" and "Users/Duane/Documents/The Master Genealogist v7/Projects". Just where should they be? Thanks. Duane
  18. Custom Reports

    Thanks Virginia. Finally got everything where it belongs and things are working fine.
  19. Custom Reports

    Apparently when I restored from my XP to my Vista if it didn't know where to a file it didn't put it anywhere. I searched for .rpt files and only found the standard .rpt files. Mine were not anywhere on the Vista. I copied the .rpt files on my XP to CD and copied to the Configuration folder. Now I can't find the report filter files. Are they still .FLE files and where do they go? I copied a few to Configuration folder but my report didn't find them. Help is not that specific.
  20. Backup zip file locked - Can't backup

    Finally figured it out by unchecking "Generate archive name automatically', thereby letting me edit the backup file name to "User\Duane\Documents\Smith_1.sqz". Thanks anyway.
  21. Backup zip file locked - Can't backup

    I have had the same error since converting from XP to Vista. I can update TMG just fine - just can't backup without the above error. I can't do the above work-around.
  22. How do I detach a son/family for one father and attach to another? I discovered that I had a male born to a 57 year old woman and when checking obits found that I had added him to grandfather instead of (brother) a long time ago. Statistical reports DO work. Thanks in advance.
  23. In a census from 1880, I learned that an ancestor had given birth to 8 children with 6 living. I had added an unknown child to my ancestor with the name of Unknown and the sex Son-Bio. I have since found in an obituary that the child died in the first week, but was indeed a female. How do I change the Son-Bio to Dau-Bio??? Thank.
  24. Custom Reports

    When I upgraded to Release 6, I had to recreate all 50-some-odd custom reports because they didn't transfer. Am I going to have to do that again with Release 7, as I can't find them. I'm assuming that they didn't transfer again.
  25. Custom Reports

    I found my custom reports in my TMG7 folder, but when I change the Config Files to TMG7, they still don't show up. If I put the custom report definitions into a separate folder within TMG7, do you suppose that they will show up then?