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  1. After three years and a computer change I want to get back to my TMG database in order to export it to a new item of software. I have the original V8.0 CD plus the original mail. I am now on Windows 10. Despite running as administrator I cannot get the system to recognise my version as anything other than expired trial - and yes I have verified my serial number by raising a "Trouble Report" and yes the mail address is correct - any more ideas - maybe the uninstall reinstall and run first time as administrator ? Second question - would this result in my project not opening (errors such as unable to find a file that I can demonstrate is where is should be) but also that when I try to recover from the backup .sqz file the system simply does nothing So do I have a corrupt file or is it my installation - or both ? FYI I also have CDs for V5 and 6 - in case that helps Anything that does not require me to start a new database from scratch please Leigh