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  1. Just upgrading from TMG 7.04 to TMG 9

    Thanks again to Jim and Michael also. I will download and install the V9UK (I want to continue using TMG). Once it is installed do I then have to purchase a licence, or can I use it with my original Serial Number? I don't have my original registration information......must have disappeared over time? Kindest Regards to all on the forum, Danny.
  2. Just upgrading from TMG 7.04 to TMG 9

    Hi Jim, thanks for the reply. Was a great help! All my Exhibits are (or have always been) set as internal. Just tried adding a pic as an external and worked fine. Will use and keep all external files in the Exhibits folder in the future.....so that TMG can find them OK when backing up....There are possibly thousands of internal ones by now from all over the place! Will look at your other suggestions in due course.... Thanks once again, Danny.
  3. Just upgrading from TMG 7.04 to TMG 9

    I also use version 7.04 (UK edition) and I have never done any updates/upgrades to this program. I initially purchased one of the earliest versions and gradually, over the years, upgraded by purchasing the update discs from the UK distributor, with the installation Serial Number each time. I have only recently discovered that TMG is being discontinued! This has only just come to light for me, as I got a problem adding more and more Exhibits. It stopped allowing me to add anything, so I did what it says in the help file re. altering the image thumbnails in the Preferences, etc., but it states that a certain file is too large when I switch to showing/not showing icons in the Exhibit windows. So I'm a bit stuck..... My question is;- What do I do now? I have virtually almost transferred my entire information into my Ancestry Tree Account but would still like to carry on using TMG, as I have so much detailed information in it that can't be added to Ancestry..... Preferably, I would like to purchase the most up to date version, if possible, but don't know how to go about it. Where can I get it? How do I install it? Can I use my Existing Serial Number, etc. etc. ? Could someone guide me through it? Kindest Regards, Danny.