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  1. Well, so much for my tarrying in my last not - I MEANT TO SAY TRYING, and it seems to have worked - lots of new terminology to understand.now. Thank you again, and I will proceed from here.
  2. Just did, now I am tarrying to get it in TMG9
  3. Thank you - I'm trying to figure out where in the Backup Wizard I can indicate the flash drive location- still reading the manuals........
  4. I am having problems being able to export from TMG7 and putting on a ScanDisk to be able to import into TMG 9. I can't be able to input to the export wizard to complete the task, but was able to get it to go thru once, but TMG 9 won't recognize the information on the ScanDisk. TMG is on an XP but it has been acting up lately, so I'm again trying to get the information into TMG 9 on Windows 7. Any suggestions and walk-thru would be greatly appreciated. Jo Dean