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  1. Thanks, Jim. I will give that a shot. I am sorry I misled you. I should have proofread before posting. I can't believe others are not having the same problem. The first time it happened, it was happening regularly, and when I followed support instructions, it operated properly for a while. So, when it happened again, I wasn't sure if I had followed instructions correctly and was very careful the second time after talking to support once again. Then I reported it to support the third time shortly before support ended and received the rude response. Thanks again and I will let you know if it happens again.
  2. Jim, I think you misunderstand as I may have misled you. I have run TMG as Administrator three times as per instructions from TMG support . It continues to lose the registration information after a while.
  3. Is there a permanent solution to TMG asking for the unlock code? I have 9.05 installed on Windows 8, I have uninstalled and re-installed 3 times, running the installer as administrator. TMG will work fine for a while and out of the blue it will ask me for the unlock code. TMG support was no help. She just treated me as if I was an idiot or a liar and gave the the same instructions each time. I don't see the point in uninstalling every time if the solution is only temporary.
  4. Help with Export? Extract?

    Thank you very much. That makes sense. I will go from there. Happy New Year to you as well.
  5. Help with Export? Extract?

    I think I know what I have done wrong, but I need to know how to fix it. Is it possible to create from one data set a new data set or project/data set along with all customizations, sources, places, etc.? If so, what would be the best method?
  6. Help with Export? Extract?

    Thanks Terry, I will give it a look. I am not sure I explained very well what I did and I am not sure I know myself. I merged A to B, then B to A, which resulted in two (I think) identical data sets with a full set of duplicates in each. Eliminating one of the data sets would leave me with one data set in which all the people in it are duplicated. Ex: ID 1:1 is the same as ID 1:5001 and 1:2 is the same as 1:5002 and so on. Thanks again.
  7. I could sure use some help. I have made an error trying to import a file from another program into mine. All came over ok and I tried to merge into my file and apparently did it wrong (A to B or B to A) I don't know which, but then I did it the other way and now I have all duplicates. I need to fix it, preferrably by creating a new project or data set. I tried something, I think extract? and created a new data set with all the right people, but I couldn't access the Master Source List and possibly other things. If I could export/extract all people with ID nos. from 1 to 5000 for example while retaining all the tags, relationships, master lists, repositories, etc., I could be where I need to be. All the duplicates are say ID nos. 5001 to 10000. I hope there is a better way to fix it than merging 5000+ duplicates. Can anyone help me?