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  1. Alias REPEAT is not found

    Recently, my hard disk crashed and in the rebuilding process I reinstalled TMG v9.05 using "Run as Administrator". I'm using Win7 on a 64 bit computer. I also ran the TMG 9.05 installer an additional time using the repair option. I succeeded in unlocking the full version. However, in attempting to enter data, I am blocked. Screen captures are available. When I successively hit CANCEL I receive the message: Alias REPEAT is not found. When I select "Ignore" I receive the message:Variable REP_VALUE is not found.
  2. Alias REPEAT is not found

    Jim, Thank you. Patrick
  3. Change Tag group

    I inadvertently created a in the "Other event" group when I intednded to creat it in the "burial" group. It seems that I cannot merely delete the tag and start over. Is there a work around?
  4. WW1 Draft Registration Cards

    Have you looked at: http://tmgsome.com/Images/WW%20I%20Mititar...egistration.pdf
  5. Is there a method to designate that a person was never married so as to prevent the Family Group sheet report from continually printing the "Marriage?" when I specify that I want to provide for omitted BMD events?
  6. Family Group sheet - Marriage?

    Michael and Terry, Thanks for your recommendations.
  7. Family Group sheet - Marriage?

    For example, when I select the report: Famiyl Group Sheet: Options: Misc.: BMDB events when missing & blanks for missing data the following is reported: F J M FRANK Birth: JUNE xx, 19xx Baltimore City, Baltimore Co., MD. Marriage? ___ __ ____ Am I able to designate a person as NEVER married to avoid the assumption that a marriage might be missing? Such as when the person died a bachelor.
  8. When I produce a Family Group Report in the French language, words such as: relationships Père; Mère; Fille; Fils and names of the 12 months translate while the four BMDB remain in English. Birth, Marriage, Death, Burial instead of French. La naissance, le Mariage, la Mort, l'Ensevelissement What do I need to do to change this?
  9. Producing a Family Group Report in the French language

    Terry, Your answer was spot on. AND your step by step remedy was immediately effective. As you know, we use your Primer each month during TMG discussions with Sue Johnston and Kay Speaks. Many thanks, Patrick
  10. What is the appropriate source type for a Declaration of Intent?
  11. Family Group Sheet options

    Form a focus group composed of the heads of each family that you wish to include in the report. Then from the FGS report select the current focus group in lieu of the current focus person. Select output to a word processer, include indexes of surnames and given names.
  12. Does TMG v7.03 have an internal methodology to recognize plural sons and, or, daughters in the census witness sentences? If so, how do I turn it on? TMG v7.03 lists all the family’s sons or daughters separated by commas in the witness sentence. At this time, I edit the census witness sentence for each son/daughter when the census lists multiple sons and, or, daughters. As the witness sentence comes: [RF:son] was listed as a son in [R:Head of Family]'s household on the 1930 Census <[L]>. <[M3].> As I revise the witness sentence: [RF:son] were listed as sons in [R:Head of Family]'s household on the 1930 Census <[L]>. <[M3].> Alternatively, how do you handle this? Merry Christmas and a healthful New Year. Patrick
  13. Thanks. I have ordered your book and use your web site regularly.
  14. Unmarried parents

    What methods are available for adding children of two known, but unmarried persons through a tag other than "Marriage"?
  15. Modify the Primary Name

    How do I Modify the Primary Name when I later learn that the Primary Name is different from the name that I entered when I initiated the person?
  16. Grid lines in Person View

    In the Person View on my Desktop I have grid lines. However on my laptop, I cannot figure out how to bring up the grid lines. Any help will be appreciated.
  17. I recently loaded V7 and restored my project from my backup sqz file. However, the V7 person view details display only the Name and Father OR Father and Mother, not all three as V6. I unsuccessfully searched the preferences for something to check or uncheck. Is there some adjustment somewhere?
  18. V7 Person View details limitation?

    Thanks, I restarted V7 and the situation cleared itself. Previously, there was a scroll bar at the right side of that pane to view either the Name and Father OR Father and Mother. Thanks again, Patrick Thanks, I restarted V7 and the situation cleared itself. Previously, there was a scroll bar at the right side of that pane to view either the Name and Father OR Father and Mother. Thanks again, Patrick
  19. Edit imported Sources

    I imported sources from Ultimate Family Tree. Many of the imported sources make on sense. How do I determine which tags are linked to each source? Thanks, Patrick M. Lofft