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  1. Upgrade to v9.02 UK

    Sorry about the multiple replies. I should have said the v9.02 UK installer Neil
  2. Upgrade to v9.02 UK

    Thanks, Jim That worked fine - but I wish I could find the v9.02 installer on the WG website without your help. Neil
  3. I have tried three times to download the upgrade to v9.02 UK (from 9.01 UK), but each time I get the message "Error: Wrong file size". The file size is shown as 50.82MB. I can't find a UK trial version on the WG website to try that method of upgrading. Is there perhaps an error in the dowload file? Neil
  4. Bold Fonts in Reports

    Thanks Jim You're quite right - some traces of Beta left. It works fine on another machine with a clean install. So I removed TMG8 and reinstalled. I'm now getting the message: OLE Error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. As you advised on TMG-L, I am contacting WG Support on this. Neil
  5. I am sure WG have not been able to address all the points raised on the Public Beta, but one I put still seems to be there - In the Individual Narrative report, I have chosen to show Surnames and Given names in BOLD. Both in the Preview screen and in a printed report these show as REGULAR. In v.7, these both show correctly as BOLD, and I have used the identical Report Configuration File in both versions. I have also tried this in Descendency Narrative Reports, with the same result. I have not tried this in other report types. It seems to apply whichever file type is selected. Neil MacDonald
  6. I have been exploring the use of the "Check for Duplicate People" feature. Problems 1. Although this has worked for me in the past, if I select a pair to exclude (by ticking checkbox and clicking Yes), after the pop-up window closes, the check mark disappears, and the pair remain unexcluded. Has this been seen before, and is there a cure? Questions 1. Are the candidates held in memory or in a temporary DBF file that I could examine with an external utility? 2. In comparing surnames, it seems that a duplicate is suggested if the married names of two women are the same (subject to the surname evaluation criterion), even though their maiden names are different. Have I interpreted this right? If so, see wish list item 3. 3. The list includes each pair twice - once as A and B, and once as B and A. Is this the expected behaviour? If so, see wish list item 4. Wishlist 1. That the "Merge Two People - Split display" window should show the name of the spouse in the marriage line. 2a. That I could keep the window open while I look at the full details of each candidate in their person view or 2b. That there could be a list report of the candidates, to have open in a report window, while I look at the full details of each candidate. 3. Allow the option of matching on primary names only. 4. Include each pair of people once only. Neil
  7. Robert Cornwall is a county. Personally, I call England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales countries. UK is used in formal situations - "I am a citizen of the UK". Northern Ireland is referred to as a province of the UK. To keep things simpler, I would suggest not using 'province'. You can put all these in the 'country' field. Neil
  8. Thanks, Michael Yes, following your instructions works fine, but I'm glad you think it's not friendly. If they can improve it - fine, otherwise I can manage. Neil
  9. I am using the extended picklist to choose multiple witnesses for a census tag. The picklist is sorted on ID number. I enter 5986, and click OK. The "Confirm selection" window appears. It shows people with ID numbers 5, 59, 598, 986, and 5986. This is clearly wrong. I can see there might be problems with the progressive search (or whatever it's called) on a numeric field, but I suspect the above behaviour is not what is intended. Can anyone confirm? Neil
  10. Basic Formatting - Punctuation

    John WP Menu item: Edit/Find and Replace Put your dummy string xxPGxx in the top box. Tab to the lower box. Menu item: Replace/Codes About half way down the alphabetical list (some are greyed out) is the code HPg Select and click Insert (or Insert & Close) The [HPg] code appears in the lower box Click Replace All Note - it does not work if you type [HPg] into the lower box. I am using WP X3, but I assume this works with previous versions too. Neil
  11. Registration Districts

    Hello Half Pint Like you, on the birth tag I enter the name of the county as it was when the birth occurred. I don't use a separate birth registration tag, but if I did, I would probably not put a county name in, as I think there are quite a lot of cases where the Registration District spans a county border. In your case, the county boundary changed in 1974, so that's a further complication! Neil
  12. Filtered List of Sources - Bug?

    Thanks, Jim. If and when the first problem's cured, I'll look for the error message again - I'll see if I get it in other circumstances. Neil
  13. (Previously submitted to TMG-L) I've tried both the following in TMG7UK with WinXP. I have only Data Set 2 enabled.:- A. Report: List of Sources Filter: Repository Abbreviation Contains something END This selects the correct number of results, but then terminates with this error: "Alias 'WFILECIT' is not found. 7 R_LOC_REPOOF" B. Report: List of Sources Filter: Repository Number = n END (which was said to be broken in v6.12 and fixed in v7). If I use Repository number = [?], and enter 11, it tests against 211. If I use Repository number = [?], and use the binoculars to select 2:11, it returns 211 to the filter blank. I don't have a repository 211, so it returns 0 results. In both cases it also returns the 'WFILECIT' error. However, if I enter 2:1, it uses 21, and returns the right number of sources for my repository 21, but still gives the 'WFILECIT' error. This looks like a bug in concatenating the Dataset number and the Repository number. Neil
  14. Thanks, Vera I should have said I was particularly interested in List of Events and List of Witnesses, where you confirm you can only get the person ID - that would be OK if this included the Data Set ID, , e.g. 1:123 or 2:123. They just show 123. Neil
  15. As a confirmed user of multiple data sets in my main project, I wish I could include Data Set ID as a column in List reports. You can do this in List of People, but not other List reports. I use one data set for people I know are connected to me, and others for people who may be, or who I have investigated and probably are not. It is useful to have two or more data sets open when looking for overlaps/duplication, but a pain not to be able to see in a report which DS a person is in. Neil