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  1. When adding a person with a surname not in the project TMG v8 will occassionally generate the cautionary notice "25 is not among the known surnames in this project" instead of the routine " 'Surname' is not among the known surnames in this project". When this has occurred I have not proceeded to add the name to the project in fear of damaging the database. Is this message a TMG v8 bug? If it is a legitimate message what is it telling me, where can I find its explanation, and what steps can I take to correct whatever it is that it is trying to tell me.?
  2. After resetting the Add Person template, as suggested by Virginia, I tried adding a husband for Elizabeth Alexander (28) in the Sample project. No luck. I was going to attach a screenshot which included the message "25 is not among the known surnames in this project" but I cannot find the Choose File button which is supposedly associated with the default uploader for this website. So I will send the screenshot directly to Vera's e-mail address which she provided.
  3. Vera, thank you for replying. The first steps I took after receiving TMG’s cryptic message was to run TMG's maintenance routines on my TMG v8 project in the following order: Optimize - Validate File Integrity - Optimize. "adding a person" ---- does mean that I typed the person's surname into the appropriate field in the Add Person screen. I never copy anything into TMG other than into Memo or Note fields I do not understand this statement: “TMG considers "25" to be the surname of a person and just tells you that such a surname is so far not among the known surnames in this project.” Where is the “25” coming from? Why does the “25” appear randomly? The number that appears in lieu of a surname is always “25”. I have TMG installed on two computers: my desktop which is running WinVista and my laptop which is running Win7. The problem occurs randomly on both computers. Considering the possibility that my database could somehow be corrupted I added “new persons” to the Sample database. Again, the cryptic “25” message eventually appeared. The Sample database on both computers produced the same results. I never experienced the problem with TMG v7.