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  1. The Future for TMG

    Bob Velke, President Wholly Genes Software Dear Bob, TMG v7.04 is running just fine. Looking forward to the release of TMG v8.0 whenever you think it's ready. Regards, Dennis L. Bright
  2. Price of upgrade?

    $29.95 for the download, $34.95 for the CD (plus shipping). Regards, Dennis ~~~~~~
  3. Picklist of People/Filter Issue

    Larry, I have found that in a lot of cases shutting down the whole system and rebooting Windows sometimes will solve such problems. Of course sometimes it doesn't but I usually try it if I'm having problems. Regards, Dennis
  4. Change Focus to this person NOT highlighted in V7

    Why don't you just double-click on the person you want to be the focus person.