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  1. Wow!! Quick response and right on! Feel pretty foolish now. Have entered hundreds and hundreds of names, but this time just, I guess, grabbed the top field and went with it without bothering to read that it WAS Title instead of First Name. Many thanks. Sadly, I'd been back numbers of times to that data entry field LOOKING for something I'd done wrong. Still didn't see it. Even when you said I should check for that specifically, I said to myself "Couldn't be", but looked anyway. Humbling experience. Many, many thanks! Paul
  2. This is first time I've tried this forum, so please pardon me as I muddle through. Some of my Project Explorer names are in parentheses except for surname. Seems to be only the latest entries. What am I doing wrong? Tried to edit, but couldn't find anything to change. I'm a years-long TMG user, but never saw this before. HELP!