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  1. Hi, I realize this is in the test board but I can't seem to find a way to start the topic in any other area. I'm wondering if someone can help me out. I have an install of TMG v7 on a Windows 7 machine that I have two questions about. 1. I assume because we never paid for a version 8 or 9 update I have no way to upgrade to version 9? If that is correct no worries just please advise. 2. The real question. I've been attempting to run the Individual Detail report and have been getting inconsistient results. The most general problem is that the subject of the report shows up with "unknown name" in the top and generally, the father and mother fields are blank. In the person record these are populated as you would expect. I now find this happens with just about anybody in the list, not just the person I'm working with. Those reports have worked fine in the past. I've also verified that the reports work fine on another install of the same software on another machine. I've also verified that other reports work fine. I've tried restoring from a backup into a new file with no luck. I've also tried repairing the install also with no luck. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks, Jay