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  1. Me too! WHOever has the job - please make the changes necessary.
  2. I use GenSmarts, but when manually entering a task, I definitely support the above suggestions. It would make the Research Log so much more valuable.

    Ditto for cemetery work.
  4. Behind reading my posts, but I'll add my 'me too' for this one. Don't intend to update my MS products in future.
  5. I noticed recently that the Mother & Father tag type labels on the Person view have disappeared. The relationship is still there, the person is there, the Family and Tree views are okay, but I'm having to select tag types for all the parents! This is not the way I want to spend my time. I'm using TMG 6.07 with XP. I have run VFI with no effect - no problems found. Help please. Kathleen
  6. UK vs US version

    Robin, I finally got around to trying this out and I'm a bit lost. * Merge my Existing project into the UK-Dummy (or a copy of it with a new name), right? * Is it B to A or A to B? * Delete the UK-Dummy. When tried this, I lost my bookmarks & filters and the UK source types seemed to have disappeared, so I decided I must have done something wrong. I'm ready to try again, so can you clarify these points for me? Thanks, Kathleen
  7. I'm probably missing something very simple here. I rec'd an FTM file from a cousin and imported it into a new TMG project. While it was importing, I selected the 'create thumbnails' option and was amazed at the number of exhibits that are in the file (over 600). I can view the exhibits as thumbnails, but is there anyway to view them full size, or save them independently? The photos are fine as thumbnails, but there are also a lot of certificates, PRs, etc. Thanks. Kathleen
  8. Mother & Father tag labels gone v6.07

    Barbara, I have run them now -- no problems found and no change. Any instructions for sending the project? Thanks, Kathleen
  9. Mother & Father tag labels gone v6.07

    Virginia, Yes, just the mother and father relationship tags. No, the Sample project seems to be okay. I did delete the .cdx files (29), but the problem is still there. Leave it to me to get something weird like this. Should I try re-installing? Kathleen
  10. Mother & Father tag labels gone v6.07

    No scroll mouse -- I use the touch pad on my laptop. Also, if I open the tag, the space next to "Tag type" is blank. Good thought, though.
  11. Open Office Writer

    Reg, I've only done one test report with OOo v2; I chose the MSWord 2000 format. Kathleen
  12. Primary image size and properties

    is right, Robin! I'm glad I am at least forewarned about possible problems -- it will save a lot of frustration. I do not have many images, but enough that this will be a bigger job than I thought. Thanks to John for his info about OOo -- as I said, I only just started using the program, so all info is helpful. BTW, what format do you use for your photos in TMG? I usually scan to TIFF for archive, then create JPGs to work with. I am terrible with all the numbers involved, and your little chart will be a handy reminder. Kathleen
  13. Primary image size and properties

    I just began using OOo and also just scanned and attached my first image to TMG, so this is of interest. The photo was scanned at 96dpi at a size of 232 x 309 pixels, then reduced to 150 x 200 for use in TMG. When I opened a test report (Ind Narr) with exhibits in OOo v2, the image was square and deformed (1.56in). I then double-clicked on the image and on the Type tab selected "Keep ratio" then clicked on "Original Size." The photo corrected itself to the proper dimensions (1.56 x 2.08in). Thanks for this thread, Robin -- what wonderful timing! Kathleen
  14. Multiple periods

    Searching the TMG Rootsweb list, I see there have been lots of problems with errant punctuation, but could not find an answer for my problem. Is there anything obvious in this sentence structure to cause 3 periods at the end of the sentence? [P] <was|and [PO] were> probably married <[D]> <[L]>. This estimate is based on the average marriage age of 25<and [M]>. Also, my census tag sentences are now printing with 8-9 periods, which seems to correspond with the number of witnesses (others in the household). It's been a while since I printed reports using these tags, but I don't recall having this problem before. I'm using v6.07, but started my file several versions back.
  15. Multiple periods

    Sorry, Terry, of course you are right. Here's the sentence: [P] <was|and [PO] were> probably married <[D]> <[L]>. This estimate is based on the average marriage age of 25<and [M]> There is one citation. There are no witnesses, and nothing in the place fields except "-England" The memo data: the birth of their first child circa 1855 The output: He and Mary [Cooper] (2221) were probably married circa 1854. This estimate is based on the average marriage age of 25 and the birth of their first child circa 1855. . . The output with sources (there is only one citation): This estimate is based on the average marriage age of 25 and the birth of their first child circa 1855.3 .4 .5 Kathleen
  16. Multiple periods

    Thanks for the response, Rob Roy. I should have corrected that in my example -- it's the first thing I tried. I removed it, put it back, rebuilt the sentence, tried "--" where sentences were not needed -- nothing worked. I did the same with the census tags where I'm getting so many in a row -- it has to have something to do with the number of witnesses. I also ran all the file utilities. Kathleen
  17. Multiple periods

    Please, hasn't anyone else run into this problem? I'm really stumped. Kathleen
  18. UK vs US version

    Ah, one of the few articles on your site I have not read, not realizing it would ever apply to my research. Other than a few Welsh headstones (should I be so fortunate), I thought language was not an issue -- I did not realize the extended meaning of 'language' within TMG. I have food for thought now, and can at least make a better informed decision. Thanks again. Kathleen
  19. UK vs US version

    Yes, please, Siobhan (that is such a lovely name)! I do have some UK source templates created by another user and they have helped a lot. I would be very interested in how you have handled this. Kathleen
  20. UK vs US version

    In case a duplicate turns up, this is my 2nd try at replying -- hit backspace by mistake! In my case, I don't use multiple datasets, so that's easy. Then what does apply to the existing dataset? Whoa, I thought I didn't lose anything. My custom sentences don't print? Is this where I get my custom sentences back? Or is that not really a problem if I'm not creating a new dataset? Thanks for your help, Terry. P.S. Have you actually done this, or are you just going by what is posted at WG?
  21. UK vs US version

    Thanks, Robin. Those are exactly the types of things I am wondering about. And yes, I did read the page you mention. My husband is from England, and so fully half of our tree is 100% in the UK. My own ancestry is Irish/English/Welsh -- so I suspect I could make good use of the customizations, but I'm concerned about how to make the change successfully, if at all.