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  1. TMG v 8.07 update mistake

    Is there a link to that, Jim? I only find 8.07.
  2. TMG v 8.07 update mistake

    Thanks, Jim. Yes, I know it makes life easier, but OTOH, I don't have to remember whether there are space between the words, etc. I'm usually thinking more clearly when I do an update.
  3. I accidentally updated v 8.07 to the wrong (new) folder - I usually use a shortened version of "TMGvn" instead of The Master Genealogist vn." How can I uninstall just that version and not mess up the existing TMGv8? When I look at uninstall programs in Win7, it just has the one (new) version. Hope I made that clear!
  4. Filtering GEDCOM

    Disclaimer: I am useless at anything past a very simple filter - just can't seem to wrap my brain around them. So, can someone help me filter my dataset to produce a GEDCOM that excludes everyone of my generation on down? I know I can export a file with details for the living left out, but I want no names, just my own parents and their siblings on back. Thanks.
  5. Exporting GEDCOM

    Thanks, Jim. Somehow, even though the focus group had a unique name in the Focus Group window, it wasn't showing up in the selection list. Probably my error in some way, but deleting everything and starting again fixed it.
  6. Exporting GEDCOM

    Jim and Virginia, That is the problem - they don't show up in the focus group, but are there when I import the gedcom to another program as a test. Does the gedcom take on all the aspects of the project, even though I have excluded those tags and pseudo-people? I created the focus group as ancestors of myself plus spouses and it seems ok when I look at it - not a census to be seen. Kathleen
  7. Exporting GEDCOM

    I've been trying to export a section of my project as a gedcom file. I created a focus group, then exported that to a new dataset. Using the export feature, I created the gedcom, including only birth, marriage and death events - no sources or notes, etc.. When I open the gedcom, I get all my census "people" (I am seriously regretting setting my census events up that way!). How can I exclude these "people?" They do not show up as events and they are not in my focus groups, but still appear in the gedcom. ????
  8. Well, that seems to be the problem, then. I only have one dataset in the project. Had a brainstorm and reversed the "A" into "B" choice. Somehow, the parenthetical statement means the opposite to me! All is well.
  9. Well, that seems to be the problem, then. I only have one dataset in the project.
  10. Tags not available

    Excellent! Thanks, Jim. I knew it would be a problem, but the more steps I can eliminate, the better. The other big problem I have found is that FTM puts any 'comments' in the 'place' field. I've tried both GEDCOM and direct import - each has its drawbacks - basically, it's just a mess! Hopefully, we can do this just once. :-)
  11. Yes, these are linked to people. I have two projects, one is my own family, the other a one-name study. I am trying to update the ONS, as I neglected to update it with my family's new info. I created a focus group in my family db and produced a list of people with secondary output to a new project. When I merged the two projects, the new data is not there. I expected to have duplicate people, which I could then merge (it is a small subset).
  12. I used a focus group to create a new project, but many of the tags did not copy, such as death tags. What would cause this?
  13. I'm combining my dataset with a cousin's from Family Tree Maker (I believe it's ver. 5). Some of the tags came through labeled "GEDCOM" or "Note" and I want to change them to proper tag names. However, when I try to change the tag type, all the tags are not available in the list. For instance, trying to tag a burial citation, I go to the list and Burial is not available. Does anyone know what's going on here???
  14. Import Sources from FTM

    I am having the same problem with files from FTW ver. 5 The sources are there in part, but the data is scrambled. It seems importing via GEDCOM gets some info and importing via Genbridge gets other info, but neither method gets all the information for tags and sources.
  15. I've just obtained my mtDNA results from GeneTree and want to enter them in my TMG db. The form has the three columns for HVR1, 2, 3 - but the results on the web site are not categorized that way. Can anyone tell me how to enter the results? Which numbers go in which column? Thanks!