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  1. Thank you very much. Very kind. I will email you a little later. Best wishes, Peter K-K
  2. Thanks. That is very kind of you and much appreciated. Since I put a lot of work in the data, and given that some of the information in it is private, will you promise me not to store it privately or upload the data to any public databases? Thanks.
  3. Yes. I can also open the old back-up. So it seems to be the project-file and not the program itself that has problems.
  4. A few days ago I was entering data. Suddenly the program shut down, without any error message. Subsequently I have been unable to open/access the file. When I try to open the program, I get the message "Repair mode: Repair mode has been activated. The application will now operate somewhat more slowly as it validates each file that is opened. Repair mode will be off again the next time that you run the application." When I try to open the project-file, I get the message: "An error happened when opening the data tables ..."--after which the program shuts down. (Yes, I do have a back up, but unfortunately--stupidly!--it is about a year and three months old, and I have entered tons of material since.) Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Peter K-K