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  1. Addresses in Journal reports

    Opps!!! I answewred without first going to TMG and taking a look. Viola, Virginia. There it is. A big THANKS. Herb
  2. Addresses in Journal reports

    Precisely, Virginia. However, when one then selects ADDRESS, the entire address shows. I want only the city and state. Herb
  3. I want to print a Journal report (either ancestor or descendant, although the descendant is probably more important since it contains more living persons) and show city and state only (and possibly country). I want this option for privacy reasons for living persons. Under OPTIONS, I select TAGS. If I then select ADDRESS, the entire address shows including the phone number (even if the TELEPHONE tag is not selected). If I deselect ADDRESS, then no part of the address shows. I'm currently using V6 Gold with the latest updates. I do believe that with earlier versions I could select any part of an address to show in a Journal report but that apparently is not the case with V6 - or I'm missing something!! Is it possible to show only city and state in a Journal report? If so, how? Thanks for your help. Herb
  4. When I create a Journal Report, the "calculating text progress" dialog box reaches 3% completed and then goes inactive. There is no further indication that the computer is still working and that the report is being created. Patience pays off, however, as the report is eventually crated just fine. The "Calculating text" progress dialog box works OK to 100% when creating an Ahnentafel report. Is it just me?? Or is it a bug when creating Journal reports? It is very reassuring to see the progress dialog box working and providing feedback that the program and computer are doing something (hopefully what you want ) as the report is being created. Thanks for any help/comments. Herb
  5. A lessor problem to be sure, but when I create Journal or Ahnentafel reports (perhaps others as well) I always have to go through the output report manually and increase the 'Generation' entries (1st Generation, 2nd Generation, etc.). I have experimented with what I thought might be the correct font size to change to eliminate this tedious manual chore, but have never had success doing so. Does anyone have the secret as to which of the font choices will affect a proper increase in the 'Generation' headings/titles?? Thanks for your help.