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  1. Expired Trial Version problem

    I also have the Expired Trial version issue. When I start TMG as a regular user, I get the expired trial message. If I close out the message and open my project, it behaves as an expired version. If I go to help about, it shows my name, email and the correct unlock code. If I start the program as administrator (right click on the shortcut, etc), I don't get the message to unlock. It is already unlocked and TMG has full functionality. I did a clean install of version 9.05 (from 9.01) on a Windows 8.1 computer following instructions in Jim Byram's final Installers topic. After the install, it asked for my unlock information which I did by exiting the normal user start and starting as administrator. After putting in the information, I restarted TMG as a normal user and was again asked to unlock the program. When I restarted as administrator, it was already unlocked and fully functional. The only way I was able to run as a regular user was to unlock TMG as a regular user also. Unfortunately, a week later I'm back to the same situation where starting as a normal user gives me an unlock message (and the program is not fully functional). Starting TMG as administrator does not let me unlock as administrator because it is still unlocked. I tried the suggestion above and registered VistaDBCOM20.dll and got the message that is was successful. It made no difference. I've also went through the repair option of the installer and the problem is unchanged. This is the first update done on this computer. The version 9.01 installation was the first TMG installation on a new computer. Help in fixing my problem would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Have you set your Windows display DPI setting to something other than "Normal Size" (96 dpi)? Kevin
  3. Reports - Exclude a Child?

    Well, after some more trial and error, I found a solution to my problem. If I make the parents of the child non-primary, then there is no reference to the child in the 2 reports I tried (FGS and Journal). The FGS Report options has a choice of "Primary only" parents or "All variations". The choice makes no difference in this issue. Kevin
  4. Is there a way to exclude a child from reports? I have recorded an illegitimate child that is a family secret and would like to be able to print out reports without this child. I have been able to exclude the tags, but have been unable to print reports without listing this child. On the FGS, I get a page with the father and mother, the childs name and no tags. In the Journal Report, the child is listed along with the father and mother, but all tags are suppressed. Am I missing a setting somewhere that would exclude this child from reports? Kevin
  5. New Laptop for Christmas

    To get your backup to your new laptop, you should backup to your desktop's hard drive and then burn a CD with your burning software. To write directly from an application, your computer would have to have packet writing software such as Nero's InCD or Sonic's DLA installed on each computer. In my experience, using the standard burning software is much more reliable. Kevin
  6. Unsuccessful update

    When did you do the clean uninstall? Once done, the updater files will not work. You would need to download the trial version and then activate with the serial number and email address that you used for the original ver. 6 install. With a clean install you will have to reset all your preferences and the layout will revert to the stanadrd, but any customized layouts will still be available and you can revert to your desired layout. Kevin
  7. report definition; unable to change file type

    It sounds like you had the destination set to screen. If so, when you "print and save" it prints to the screen, but does not create a file at the same time. To create the file, you have to choose the file destination and then "print and save". It does not create an onscreen view directly, but after completing the file export asks if you want to open the file. If you want to view it choose yes, then it opens the file with Acrobat (Acrobat or other PDF viewer has to be installed). Kevin
  8. Images in PDF format

    To import a PDF, select "Insert New Text", then "External File". You will get a warning that "Only true text files can be imbedded in the report output", but the file thumbnail will show in the exhibits. Double clicking the thumbnail will open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or whatever application you have associated with that file type. Kevin
  9. GEDCOM name TITL field for TMG import

    Ken, I did a quick test and John is correct as to how TMG works. If you want to use the NPFX, you must use the advanced wizard option and choose the option to read the structured name tags INSTEAD of the free form test. It's an either or, not both. You must have the other fields or else all you will get is an entry with just Rev. in one of the name fields. It also makes sense that when you use the TITL tag is shows up as another tag rather than part of the name. TITL is one of the individual attribute structures along with tags such as CAST, OCCU, SSN, etc. and intended as a nobility type title according to the standard. Kevin
  10. Managing the same data on two computers?

    You might want to try something like Good Sync (http://www.goodsync.com/) especially if you have other files that you would like to keep in sync. It's free for non-commercial use. You can also use it to set up an automated sync between the computers and a thumb drive or a sync between the computers. Once set up it's just a couple of clicks to sync. Obviously Terry's 4th step above still needs to be followed. Kevin
  11. Gedcom Import

    You can import from Generations directly without creating a GEDCOM file. Check the TMG helpfile under the topic of Generations Import. I'd also recommend reading Terry Reigel's article on Importing from Another Program located on his website http://tmg.reigelridge.com/index.htm. Kevin
  12. Program Running Slow

    Wow! I upgraded to a new computer a few months ago. When I did, I changed my default printer to a network printer also. I've tried to figure out why the response time was slower than my old computer even though the new computer had a faster processor, faster hard drive, more and faster memory, etc. I timed opening my project with the network printer as default and consistantly get ~30 seconds. I just changed the default to a direct connected printer (but turned off) and it changed to 7 seconds to open the same project. When adding citations, there was a 3-5 second delay before the citation window would open. With the direct connect printer it's instantaneous. You aren't the only one with the problem. Kevin (currently running 6.07)
  13. 6.08 Backup Problem

    I decided to uninstall version 6.08 and reinstall version 6.07. Before uninstalling, I confirmed that the issue had not gone away. I uninstalled version 6.08 and reinstalled 6.07. The problem was corrected and I can backup from any user login now. The problem certainly appears to be with the 6.08 upgrade. Kevin
  14. 6.08 Backup Problem

    After upgrading to 6.08, I immediately had a problem backing up my project from a user login that does not have administrator rights. Prior to upgrading, while logged in as a "normal" user (without administrator rights), I backed up the project. I logged in as administrator (running Windows XP Pro, SP2). I upgraded from 6.07 to 6.08 and then rebooted the computer. I logged in as a normal user again and ran the VFI utility (found and corrected 3 problems), ran reindex and optimize. Then I tried to backup the project again. It now presents an error message with an OLE error. Selecting Ignore gives a different error message as can be seen in the screen captures below. TMG_608_Backup.ppt If I log in as administrator, the backup function works properly. Kevin
  15. Attaching a PDF as an exhibit?

    I add the PDF files by choosing the Add Text File option (I use as an external file). I change the file type to "all files" in the browse window and then select the file. You get a message that you can only add true text files in reports. Click OK and the exhibit will be added. When I double click on the exhibit, it opens Acrobat Reader and the file. Kevin