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  1. Hi Jim, Don't know if this fits in the same basket but I'm running Win10(64) and every time I try to activate TMG9.5 the program opens and then I get the message "TMG has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working incorrectly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." Program closes but never a solution. This happens on multiple machines so I am guessing it has something to do with Win10. Any suggestions. Thanks, Mick
  2. Adding merchant navy seaman

    Terry's suggestion to use the Occupation tag is the best method to record this service. This is what I have done. Technically, the Merchant Marine Service is not part of the military. Only the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps (which is actually part of the Navy) are designated as US Military Services. The US Merchant Marine Service does have an actual government run academy at Kings Point, NY under the same congressional appointment criteria as the military academies. (I had an appointment.) There have been instances where this has been brought up before congress, for possible change, due to wartime service of the US Merchant Fleet but to the best of my knowledge no law has ever been enacted to make it so. Sorry for the history lesson. Mick (US Army, Retired)
  3. The Future for TMG

    Jon, You might want to try a little freeware program called "AllChars". I use it with TMG all the time and the international characters stay put after I type them in. It is simple to use and requires minuscule memory. I have mine set to load automatically at start up. Examples: ö, ø, Ç, ç, Å, ¢, €, ñ, Ñ, ß, æ, ¿, §, †, ‡, ±,
  4. TMG and Windows 7

    I also have been running TMG under Win7 on a Dell laptop for the past couple of months and it has been quite smooth. Has a little trouble with the initial install but no show stoppers. Was very surprised as Vista was a nightmare. I actually went back to XP rather than run anything under Vista.
  5. Master place style default

    Terry, I know we have beat this to death more than once but what is the possibility of coming up with one common way to change place and name styles? Many of us want to use custom styles all of the time but have to continually manipulate TMG to make this happen. Any suggestions for a permanent solution.
  6. Name styles

    This has been a "point of contention" for years and one we have discussed more than once. Michael's comment about setting up an alternate "Name Style" is the best option available and still does not make the process easy. Being of Norwegian ancestry, I am fully aware of the frustration Morten is going through. My frustration is compounded by the fact that my Wife's ancestry is Hispanic which has a different naming system that changes every generation. Being an American, I get to play with 3 naming systems and still haven't been able to work out the details to my satisfaction. That being said, TMG still is the best program available for recording details and being able to use all of the information you have accumulated.
  7. Control Panel Changes to accept Unicode characters

    This has been a point of contention for years but one that TMG has no control over. You might want to take a look at a small "freeware" program called AllChars that will give you the capability that you want. I have used it for years and automatically install it on every computer that I use. AllChars is set up to load automatically when I boot up as it is almost transparent. The link follows: http://allchars.zwolnet.com . Just copy it into your
  8. I used the "update" method rather than customizing the URL to change the content and it worked perfectly in WinXP.

    You might also want to check out the following website for a fantastic freeware program called "AllChars". It has just recently been released as OpenSource and is far better than the MS Character Map. http://allchars.zwolnet.com/
  10. Managing the same data on two computers?

    This may sound very simplistic but it has worked for me for many years. I'm also sure that there are several "cons" to this method but I haven't found them yet. I use both a laptop and and desktop and TMG is installed and setup on both in exactly the same way. When I make changes on one of the computers I copy the changed Project file(s), and PIC, REPORT, etc folders if necessary to a jump drive. I then copy the copies files to the other computer and both are the same. To me, this saves time as I do not have to go through the "backup" process. Just one more way to accomplish the same end result.
  11. Member Map

    I can get to "My Profile", after joining Frapper, and change my location on my "personal map" but I haven't found a way to do it on the WhollyGenes Member Map. Hints please.
  12. File Management between computers

    Here is the method I use and so far <vbg> it has worked without a problem. I use both a desktop and a laptop so have copies of TMG installed on both. The desktop is my "master" computer so most work is done on it and I always keep it up to date. When I want to use the laptop for a research "trip", I copy the "named project" file folder to a jumpdrive and then copy it to the "Project" file on the laptop overwriting the older file. I do the reverse when I have modified any of the data contained on the laptop as long as I have not done any addition work on the desktop. If I have, I rename the "named project" on the laptop by adding a "1" and then merge the 2 named projects so that I do not loose any data.
  13. My Controls

    Private message sent. Yhank you.
  14. My Controls

    I would also appreciate this info.