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  1. Hello, I frequently travel with a laptop, collect data and return home transfer the data to my desktop and then work on it. I'd like to be able to work on my data live, in TMG on my laptop, and then when I get home "sync" up the desktop with the laptop, so both have the most current version of my data. Anyone else have a work flow like this, if so, what is your method to accomplish this "sync"? Is there an official Wholly Genes best practice? I can think of a bunch of ways to do this, but I'm not sure which is the best. My concern is version control. I am afraid that of losing data because of all the files that TMG uses to store data. Thanks in advance for your replies! Dan
  2. Thanks Jim and Terry! I think I'll have to make some compromises in how I use TMG. It's unfortunate that the GEDCOM exporter isn't as robust or flexible as I'd like. I frequently trade data with other researchers who do not use TMG, so GEDCOM is my only choice. It does me no good to have an individual with 100 or more directional events not export anything in a GEDCOM. Thanks again! Dan
  3. Thanks for your replies! I understand the issue now. Because the kind of events I am trying to track may not have a family relatioship what do you think of the following work around? I could create two separate events (which kind of defeats the whole design of TMG) for each directional event. For example, I would create a land sale and land purchase event and enter each seperatly on each principal. The two events would not be linked and each only have one principal so, both would export to Gedcom. What would be the downside to the two event approach? Would there be any gotchas in reports, index or anything like that? Thanks again for you replies! Dan
  4. Hello, I hope someone out there can confirm the following behavior so I know I'm not losing my mind. When exporting to GEDCOM, events which have 2 principals do not seem to export. For example I have created an event called Land Sale. When I create and event with only 1 principal, the event exports to GEDCOM. The moment I add a second principal, it no longer exports for either prinicipal. Is this expected behavior? If so, any suggestions on how to create directional (to from) events in TMG and have both principals export to GEDCOM? Thanks for your replies! Dan
  5. Hello, I am evaluating whether to switch to TMG from a combination of home brew and several commercial programs. I am a data driven researcher and absolutely love TMG's data driven nature. However, I have a couple of questions after using the demo for a couple of days. I would appreciate any clarification or help you can give. 1. When editing a tag in a person view, is there a way to close or step (saving if necessary) from the current tag to the next item in the event list, without returning to the event list and clicking on an item? This is a pretty common interface feature in most data driven software. For example when reading an email in Outlook, there is a next message and previous message button that allow you to step from message to message without returning to the list view. 2. Is there any easier way to preview a sentence than actually running a report? I currently use a couple of different pieces of software to manage my data and both of them have a button in the equivalent of the tag editing box which allows you to preview the sentence for that item without running an actual report. Does TMG have a way to do this? I find myself running a report after every custom sentence, scrolling through the report to find the item I need to check very time consuming for minor changes. 3. Gedcom export. After reading the manual and experimenting for a few hours I'm still not certain of a couple of things. 3A. I understand that there is no way to automatically export witnesses as part of the gedcom export. However, has anyone worked out a way to export all of the information for an individual (including witness events) and then turn that intermediate file into a gedcom which includes all of the events for that person? I don't want any kind of link back to the principal, and understand that gedcom wouldn't support that. I share data with a lot of other researchers and it's a shame to only be able to pass along only part of the data I have for a given person. 3B. Is there anyway to export the sentence to gedcom, rather than the raw memo field as a 2NOTE? I understand how sentences work, and how the pipe | character works to divide the memo into fields. That is very cool. However, many of the sentences I want to write will have multiple fields in the memo sentence that will generate unusable gedcom files. When the output has multiple pipes in the memo the gedcom output is not very usable when uploaded or shared since the data in the field is structured in multiple field that the recipient can't understand. Thanks for your prompt replies! Dan