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  1. How do you get ahnentafel to include notes?
  2. merged data sets

    Is it possible to unmerge two data sets?
  3. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    I just installed Windows 10 and my TMG 8 seems to work fine, but when I start it and choose a project to open, a message comes up that it is installing Microsoft Publisher 10. Now my Microsoft Publisher was installed long ago and works just fine. I close the window that says in is installing, it pops one more time saying it is installing, and when I close it the second time then TMG works fine. Anyone else running in to this? Have you discovered a fix?
  4. spouse on ancestor chart

    I want to print a five generation ancestor chart for my grandfather. I want the box with his name to list his marriage date to my grandmother, but since she was not his first wife, it gives the date of his first marriage instead of the date of his marriage to my grandmother. How do I change that?
  5. Old Style dates

    Thanks Terry
  6. I am unable to enter old style dates correctly. I have tried 26 Feb 1310/11 and 13 Feb 1310/1 and with both what I get is 16 Feb 1310 - ___ __ 1311 I'm not happy about this as I'm entered a lot of data from before 1700. How can I fix this? Janelle
  7. Is there any way to produce a list of people associated with a particular place? Frequently I am trying to go through records for a particular locality, and can't remember all the surnames in my database associated with that locale. In the old LDS program you could do this. It would also be helpful when planning a genealogy trip to have a ready list of the people sorted by location.