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  1. GEDCOM Import:

    I am importing data from a GEDCOM. I am assigning data to fields in a place style, delimiting each field with a comma. This works fine for the first 7 fields, but data for fields 8 - 10 are concatenated in field 8 (including the commas). Example: A GEDCOM tag of 2 PLAC Coylton,1881,,583/00,,,,,90 is assigned as follows: Field 1 = Colyton Field 2 = 1881 Field 3 = empty Field 4 = 583/00 Field 5 = empty Field 6 = empty Field 7 = empty Field 8 = ,90 (should be empty) Field 9 = empty (should be 90) Field 10 = empty Why is this? [Gold UK Edition v6.12.000. Gedcom hand coded.]
  2. GEDCOM Import:

    I'm having problems understanding how to import GEDCOMS and add the data to an existing data set. It seems a fundamental sort of procedure so I'm probably missing something obvious. Problem Background: I have a Project with two large datasets. Customised place styles are used extensively. Objective: To import a large volume of records to one of the datasets via a custom built GEDCOM. The customised place styles are to be attached to the various tag types as appropriate. I wish to attach customised sort dates to some tags. Difficulties: 1. I can't work out how to import to an existing dataset. I have only been able to import to a new one. 2. I am unable to set a default place style for the new dataset as the option in Preferences is greyed out. (And in any case, I want to use an appropriate custom style for each tag - I have 6 custom place styles). 3. I haven't been able to work out how to import a customised sort date. Example: I have a Marriage Reg tag to record the Marriage registration index entries. British indexes are (mostly) recorded in Quarters, e.g. 1837 September quarter for July - September 1837. In this example I would wish to record a tag sort date of Sep 1837 and a tag date of blank. (I have John Cardinal's uitility).
  3. Whenever I try to output to Word or rtf, I get a Win16: Insufficient resources error. Why? I have plenty of memory. No other application gives this sort of problem. [ver. UK Gold 6.09.000]
  4. I wish to produce a Descendant Indented Chart. If I output to PDF, it is in portrait format and the text is truncated. If I could output in landscape format the text would not be truncated. How do I specify the print orientation when outputting to PDF? [Ver Gold UK 6.09.000]
  5. Marriage Tag

    The wrong default role is assigned in the following circumstance: - Create a marriage tag. - Assign a role of Bride to one of the principals. A default value of Groom is assigned to the other. OK, but if.. - Assign a role of Groom to one of the principals. A default value of Bridesmaid is assigned to the other. Should be Bride.
  6. The setting of roles fails in the following circumstance: - select Add Person - select Add Person Type = husband (or wife) - In the Add Person dialogue - - enter the spouse name - - enter the marriage details - - enter a role for the spouse (bride or groom) - save - open the Marriage tag - the roles entered in the Add Person dialogue have been lost and replace by Principal.
  7. My last few emails to support have not been answered. Consequently, I do not know if they have been received, and whether the problem I reported is being attended to. If this is being read by the support team, would they reestablish contact at either: jaswg@johnstark.org or jaswg@johnstark.demon.co.uk
  8. Unable to contact WG Support by email

    This has now been resolved, and this thread is closed.
  9. Unable to contact WG Support by email

    Phil, I've just discovered that my ISP has mis-configured my email for the .org address. (the .co.uk is working). Some emails for the .org have been getting through - including all the tests I have sent to myself. 1800 messages were queued which have now been received. The latest, the only one I have read so far, is my removal from the Rootsweb TMG List due to excessive number of bounces. So it apprears that some emails get through, some are queued, and some are rejected. Very strange. I will work through the emails, but will give priority to enquiries from genealogists - I have a duty to support contacts to my GOONs website. I've probably a queue of irate people trying to get through to me!