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  1. Several people in countries other than US and Canada, i.e. UK, Norway, etc. are reporting on TMG-L that they cannot log onto the the WG site. They are getting a "Forbidden" message. Can Jim or Terry check this for them.
  2. [TMG]Relation Problem

    You probably had her husband as the focus when you added the daughter. Since the husband shows no relationship the daughter then shows no relationship. You can correct the relationship by going to Preferences>Current Project Options>Other and click on Refresh Relationships. When adding children to a couple where one of the couple is related and the other is not remember to have the related individual as the focus and you won't have to refresh the relationships.
  3. Combining chart files

    Robin: One question i'll probable have tomorrow is how to make a PDF pseudo printer and make it the default?
  4. Combining chart files

    Thanks for the detail instructions, Robin....I'll work on it tomorrow afternoon (busy in morning) and see if I can get it to work or have additional questions.
  5. I have several one page charts, each its own file. I would like to combine them into one file so they all can be printed at once rather than printed one at a time. Is this possible?
  6. Error opening Exhibit Log

    Thanks Jim, that did it...
  7. Error opening Exhibit Log

    I recently lost my computer and had to rebuild everything thing. Seem to have recover TMG okay but having one problem. When I try to open Exhibit Log I get the following error: ErrorMarker: Memo file c:\users\paul\documents\the master genealogist v9\slideshow\slidest.fpt is missing or is invalid. 27 FRMEXHIBIT.CONUTIL.MCREATESSM How do I recover from this?