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  1. Combining chart files

    Robin: One question i'll probable have tomorrow is how to make a PDF pseudo printer and make it the default?
  2. Combining chart files

    Thanks for the detail instructions, Robin....I'll work on it tomorrow afternoon (busy in morning) and see if I can get it to work or have additional questions.
  3. I have several one page charts, each its own file. I would like to combine them into one file so they all can be printed at once rather than printed one at a time. Is this possible?
  4. Error opening Exhibit Log

    Thanks Jim, that did it...
  5. Error opening Exhibit Log

    I recently lost my computer and had to rebuild everything thing. Seem to have recover TMG okay but having one problem. When I try to open Exhibit Log I get the following error: ErrorMarker: Memo file c:\users\paul\documents\the master genealogist v9\slideshow\slidest.fpt is missing or is invalid. 27 FRMEXHIBIT.CONUTIL.MCREATESSM How do I recover from this?