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  1. TMG Downloads

    Hi I've only just logged into this site after a long absence, so have only just discovered that TMG is no longer supported. Sad days indeed. My issue is I have a new PC and I had TMG8 which I would still like to download to the new PC, but I cant find anywhere to download it from. I'm not sure if these forums are still monitored, but if anyone has any help I would much appreciate it. I have my activation key, I just need to get TMG8 again on my PC. Thanks in adavnce
  2. TMG 8.08 Adding Roles to a witness

    Thanks for the reply. The son role was checked, and in fact I could use it if I wanted to add it to a principle, it was just missing from the witness roles. I did play with adding and removing roles though and at some point the son kicked in. I still do not know what happened, but the good news is that it is working now. Thanks for the reply though All the best Simon
  3. I am adding some Census tags for 1901. My 1901 Census Tag Type has all the normal roles, Head, Wife, Son, Daughter etc, which is great - and I know I can add more by editing that tag Type. The way I use it is a set up a tag entry of that type and I set up principle one as head, and principle 2 as wife, then add all the children as witnesses, but changing the witness role to son/daughter as appropriate (or niece nephew etc). My problem is that although the Cen 1901 tag type has roles for Son and daughter - when adding a witness to that tag, via the "Edit Witness" form the "Son" role doesn't exists. That is ok, because the last entry is <new> So I click <new> and try and add a role of son, but it says son exists already for the cen 1901 tag type - which I agree it does, however son is not in the role drop down list of the Edit witness form. So at the moment I am having to add all my sons as witness. Did I explain that ok? All the best Simon
  4. Excellent - thanks both. I new it would be something simple.
  5. So I have the new TMG 8.08 UK edition and this weekend have started trying to use it. I am putting in a new Tag Entry for a person, but I notice there are several things missing that where there in TMG 7 Namely a) Sort Date A list of witnesses I used both these a lot. The sort date I use so that I can get a list of occupations and residences grouped together, and the witnesses I use to avoid duplicating details for example on a census. Have these things now gone? or is it merely a matter of me re-setting up something? Apologies if this is stupid question. Simon
  6. Ancestor Box Chart Fails

    Thanks for the reply Creating it without images did work - so I suspect I do have a png file image. Not a problem as I am happy not to have images in that report (although it may have been nice to have that as an error message). I did create it as jpg, but the quality of that is not good enough to print but I see there are articles here about saving it as a one page pdf which then can be printed so I will have a read of them. Thanks again for he quick response Simon
  7. I have just (today) upgraded from v7 to the latest v8 version of TMG. I have a family renunion coming up and wanted to print a couple of Ancestor Box Charts on A3. The one for my mother generated ok, but when I try and generate the one for my father after I select Create Chart, it starts the VCF application - seems to hang up on "building the boxes" - I get a message saying be patient, but after a few minutes the screen just disappears - no error, no nothing. The last entries in the _process.log read... 08-06-2013, 17:22:05 >******************************************************************************** 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >C:PROGRAM FILES (X86)THE MASTER GENEALOGIST V8vcf.exe "c:usersalienwaredocumentsthe master genealogist v8configuration_filesvcfwanc.vcc" 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >Result =1 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >cProcessInfo=@ à Ü 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >cStartUpInfo=D 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >******************************************************************************** Is this a problem with v8? Is there anything else I can send to help solve the problem? All the best
  8. Various TMG7.04 prolems

    Firstly thanks for the quick and prompt reply. I ran as admin, exited, then ran again. When I now start TMG the option to check for updates is there (when I first went in it complained of a string being too long - but on subsequent tries it is ok) When I run Check for an update it doesnt run as my "Proxy server" information can't be found (even though I am connected to the interenet). Where do I find the proxy server information to use? I did- but only for the ones I fixed. This seems to be working now - thanks. When I leave the Ancestor Box chart as "do it from Visual Chartform" it hangs in a blank visual chartform screen - with a please be patient - watch the status bar from progress screen. (The status bar remains unchanged) I await for TMG 8 for word compatibility - meanwhile the pdf writer works fine - thank you
  9. I am not sure if this is the only place I can report errors but I cant seem to find anywhere else. I did post an error report last week and had zero response so I am hoping that there is a more official route I can go down. I have TMG v7.04 (UK), which I haven’t used for awhile. Last year I moved it all to a new Windows 7 PC which had a different hard drive structure that I have now (now everything is on the c: drive, before it wasn’t). Everything seemed to be working fine but in fact I have now found several major and some minor issues. I have changed all the directory/file path’s in my preferences. 1. The Update Engine I tried to run the UPDATE ENGINE to see if there were any updates, and I get the following error... That is indeed where my TMG is installed, so I am at a slight loss as to why it is lost... 2. Exhibits Folder Although all my exhibits are in my exhibits folder when I log out and choose save, I get the following error after it says the backup is complete Details in c:Users\Alienware\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Logs\Last Backup.Log Looking at this Last Backup.Log, the 15 the files it says are missing it thinks are on the “i” drive which I do not have. I am not convinced I had one either on the last machine either. What I have done though is re-open TMG, and navigate to where in my tree I know the exhibits exist for the missing images, and look at the exhibits. For the missing exhibit instead of the normal image thumbnail I get the sad smiley face icon indicating it can’t be found. If I double click on that sad smiley face it does open the image – proving it does really know where to look for it. If I then modify the image in some way (ie add a highlight and save) then the link is reset, and now woks ok and no longer will be missing. So there is a get around, it’s just a shame I have to re-go through all my exhibits in this way. Unfortunately I am finding it difficult to refind all the missing exhibits and to re-attach them. 3. No reports For some reason I can’t produce any Reports. I had my sister up this weekend and the ones I tried all failed. 3.1 Ancestor Box Chart. I set “Use the current Focus Person” It is set to File Type JPG The File Name Directory look fine. I click “Create Chart” and I get I wasn’t notified of any such thing If I change the File Type from JPG to view directly in visual Chartform I get a please be patient message, but in fact after leaving it several hours suspect it is not actually doing anything. Certainly the status bar isn’t moving. 3.2 Ahnentafel I set “Use the current Focus Person” I have Office/Word 2007 so set File Type as Word for Windows 2000 or later The File Name Directory look fine (on the c drive). I click “Create Report” and It looks like it is processing all people but at the end I get a blank message box with just an exclamation mark icon. I click OK and get I try the same thing as ascii text and I get the File successfully exported and open file now box and the report seems to appear ok. 3.3 Descendant box chart This seems to work ok if I do it fairly low down the tree – if I do it with older ancestors it just locks up. It warns it may take some moments to a few minutes, but again several hours later nothing is produced.
  10. I have TMG v7.04 (UK), which I havent used for awhile. Last year I moved it all to a new Windows 7 PC and everything seems to work fine although as I mentioned I havent been actively researching for quite some time. I trued to run the UPDATE ENGINE to see if there were any updates, and I get the following error... No Application in c\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v7 is associated with the Update Engine so it can't check for updates... That is indeed where my TMG is installed, so I am at a slight loss as to why it is lost... All the best Simon
  11. Lost Key

    Hi I appreciate that this is not the best place to ask, but I have tried sending several emails now to tmg support and have thus far received no reply. I have TMG7 (uk), or at least I did until last week when my hard drive failed. I have all my data backed up which is the main thing, but I have had to reinstall TMG7, and now I can’t find the key to unlock it. One of the things I lost when the hard drive failed was all my emails, and foolishly these weren’t backed up. I believe that is where my key code was sent. I do have the serial number for TMG6 noted down, but not TMG7, bu that key didn't work. I paid by paypal ($29.95) to Robert Velke on 4 Feb 2008 Hopefully the key will be in the wholly genes records, but I can't find anyone to help. I would rather avoid a costly call to the USA if I can help it. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to what I can do next? All the best Simon
  12. How to Delete a Person

    ok - I can be a bit slow sometimes. I was expecting to see it in the right click menu. Kind of obvious now... As homer once said. DOH! Thanks for the reply
  13. Yes, I know this should be very basic, but for the life of me I can not work out how to do it. I have just put some details in for a census for a Rachel Joyce and when I had finished I noticed I already had an R. Joyce as a witness for another event that it turns out is the same person. So I wanted to get rif of the original record. I added the new one in as a witness to the event in question (and removed the old one). The old name I know wish to remove as it is not connected to any other record and is indeed a duplicate name. But the delete button for the person is disabled. Why is this, it has 0 tags associated with it. Surely deleting a person is possible? I know. I am missing something aren't I. Simon ok - I can be a bit slow sometimes. I was expecting to see it in the right click menu, but the delete option is under the edit menu. Kind of obvious now... As homer once said. DOH!
  14. How easy is it to merge to projects? Recently I was sent a gedcom file, that I have now managed to load as a project into TMG, and there are many people from this tree that I wish to merge with my main project. I do not necessarily want everone one from the new project, and where the same people exist in both projects I want to ensure that my original data isn't compromised in anyway. is this possible and safe? thanks. all help appreciated
  15. Importing GedCom Problem

    Thank's Jim. That sorted it. I couldn't find an ANSI character set, but US-ASCII worked just as well. It's now imported ok, and I can view the data. So thanks everyone that responded.