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  1. backup error message

    Jim, I just want to say Thank you. I was looking at the posts and saw one from 2014 titled final installer. It was for version 9.05 and you had written instructions for a clean install. Since I was using 9.04 I decided to download 9.05 and follow your instructions for a clean install. So far I have not gotten any of the error messages I was getting, TMG has backed up successfully and I have a Last Backup log. It may not last but for now it's working. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
  2. backup error message

    Jim, I followed your suggestions and I don't get any of the error messages except the input file read failure when I do a backup. any other suggestions?
  3. backup error message

    Thanks Jim. I reset my backup to the default backup folder on my main disk drive and tried again. It got all the way to the end and the same message appeared. Over the last 2 weeks I have gotten several error messages but I think they have resolved themselves. I have attached those error messages in case they are related.
  4. When I backup my data I get an error message about an input file read failure. I've attached a screenshot of the message. When I click on OK it tells me the backup file is complete and to check the lastbackup.log for missing exhibits but there is NO backup file and NO last backup log. How do I correct this?