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  1. The Marin Co., CA TMG User's Group would like to ask that a function be added to the Master Source List that will allow you to see where each source is displayed so you can easily go to each event/person and see how it is used. There is a similar function in the Master Place List where you can click on the "Events" button and it will show you where the place is used and then you can go easily to principal 1 or principal 2, etc. to see how it is used. Thank you.
  2. The Marin Co., CA, TMG User's Group would like to ask for a merge function to be added to the Master Place List table. This will then allow the user to merge the same locations into just one rather than have each location (that's the same) listed just once. It would be helpful to have this Master Place List available at the data entery screen as a drop down list so you can select from existing places in the Master Place List. This greatly reduces the amount of typing needed and reduces the chances of spelling errors, etc. In our data entry screens, there appears to be a box next to the city, state, etc. boxes with drop down arrows but they are grayed out and do not function. Thank you.
  3. Please visit my genealogy website at Genealogy Website of Harold E. Pennington. Thank you.
  4. Contact: Gene Pennington webmaster@maringensoc.org MCGS Webmaster, CIG & TMG Users Group Marin County Genealogical Society Meeting Schedule: 3rd Thursday of every other month, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Click TMG Schedule to view our schedule, and for directions and a map. Meeting Location: Marin Community Foundation, Hanger 5, 2nd Floor Suite 200, Hamilton Field, Novato Description: The Marin County TMG Users Group is part of the Computer Interest Group (CIG) of the Marin County Genealogical Society. You can participate in either or both groups. Many of our members are previous UFT users who have transitioned to TMG. Our purpose is to provide information and user help for effective utilization of TMG through education, product knowledge and the sharing of ideas and experiences to enhance our genealogy research. All users from the Newbie to the Advanced user are welcomed to join our group. Our group is intended to serve TMG users in Marin County but visitors from any Bay Area County are welcomed. If you have a specific problem, bring your TMG backup (.sqz) file and be sure to bring your own laptop and wireless network card. If you don't have a wireless network card, you can check one out from the receptionist at the front desk of MCF where our meetings are held. Bring questions and we will attempt to answer them. Please contact Gene Pennington (webmaster@maringensoc.org) if you have any suggestions or comments for our TMG User's Group. We especially want to hear from you if you have suggestions for topics or speakers for our bi-monthly meetings. News: The first Marin County, California, TMG Users Group fist meeting was held on 22 June 2005. We've been meeting ever since and we've covered many features of TMG and other software tools. We also had several user questions answered and each of us learned something new.