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  1. PDF Printer

    I've just suffered from this problem too, but solved it. I'm running TMG8.01 on Windows 7 64-bit. In Devices and Printers, Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4, right-click Printer Properties, Ports tab, check that it's assigned to the nul: tab. If not, unselect the incorrect port and select the nul: port instead (seems to require right-clicks on the check box); this change may first require General tab, click Change properties (I'm running a non-admin account).
  2. Wish List: For this Forum

    I would also use RSS to keep track of the forums I'm interested in, instead of tracking by email. So yes please.
  3. Unable to Backup using Version 6

    That's good detective work. Congratulations for finding the problem!
  4. Unable to Backup using Version 6

    This is clutching at straws, and I've no way of testing the idea, but the phrase "restricted by another process" makes me wonder whether some anti-virus or other security software is checking out the new backup file part-way through its creation and is preventing TMG from adding to it. I never like recommendations to disable such software temporarily, but that might be the only solution if you think it might be the case. Disconnect from the big bad Internet while doing so? Don't forget to re-enable afterwards!
  5. Ver 7 Upgrade

    Kenneth, Just as a marker for you, I received 3 emails after the upgrade purchase, all sent within the space of 11 seconds: Subject: Wholly Genes Software Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation, from "Accounting" (actually sent by an authorize.net server); Subject: Your Wholly Genes Order #nnnnnnn, from bvelke; Subject: Serial Number for The Master Genealogist v7 Gold edition, from "support@whollygenes.com". However, this was at 4 am EDT
  6. If I add a parenthesis to the Comment field of an existing layout and then try to overwrite the layout, TMG7 gives me an error box saying "Invalid layout name". However, the layout name is unchanged from the existing one. The same error occurs with parentheses in the layout name (although I had parentheses in layout names in TMG6). Is this an intended new constraint? It seems odd to have such a constraint on the Comment field. Note also that my TMG6 layouts weren't available in TMG7 until I had restarted TMG7 following the Restore.
  7. Backup drive

    In XP Pro, and maybe Home, you can fix drive letters using Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management, choose the drive, right-click > Change Drive Letter. I don't know how well it does make it stick with a removable drive, though.