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  1. Age column

    Ok, so this is something that has bugged me for a long time and I kept thinking that it would get fixed but it hasn't. This is the problem. In the Person view I have the age column on. When I record a date for an event that is irregular such as a census page that was recorded over the course of two days (03-04 Jun 1870) the number that shows up in the in the Age column is some random number. In this case -1834. I have a regular date recorded in the Sort Date box and it seems to me that the program when confronted with an irregular date could use the Sort Date number to caculate the number for the Age column. Maybe I am the only one using the Date column and this does not bother anyone else or maybe there is a simple solution to the that I don't know about. If there is please share it with me. Anyway I am finished with my rant now. Thank you for listening.
  2. Ver 8.01 Failed to Load and Removed Ver 8.0

    This is exactly is the same problem that I had and the same solution that I stumbled on as well, that finally allowed me to install 8.01 on my computer.
  3. 8.01 Upgrade disaster

    One more follow-up. I was able to sucessfuly install TMG 8 using the copy that I downloaded when I originally upgraded to TMG 8. I think I will leave well enough alone for now.
  4. 8.01 Upgrade disaster

    As a follow-up to my last post, I just now downloaded the trial version of TMG 8 and attempted to install it. It did the same thing that the update did. I also saved the tmginstall.log file for this attempt as well. I forgot to mention that I am running Windows 7 32bit. I also was installing the program on my D drive instead of my C drive as I do with all of my software.
  5. I attempted to upgrade my new TMG 8.0 to 8.01 today. I iniated the upgrade process through the Check for Update menu item. It seemed to be going fine, then it stopped with the following error message "There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected." Then it said it was rolling back the changes to the original state. I thought everything was ok until I realized that the original state was before I had installed TMG 8. Everything was deleated, including the desktop icons and the listing in the start menu. On the plus side my data is still intact as it was stored elseware, however it is a little disconserting that this would happen. I am going to download the current version and install it and see what happens. I did save the upgrade log if you would like to see it
  6. Taskbar Buttons

    Ok, I discovered something a bit odd last night. I was building a custom toolbar using the Custom Toolbar Manager. I selected the buttons I was going to use and a graphic for each button. When I finished and installed the new task bar I found that two were not the ones that I had chosen. I then spent several unproductive hours trying to get the graphics I wanted without success. What I learned was that the Exhibit (multi-media) Log and Research Log buttons will not display any graphics but exhibits.bmp and rlog.bmp respectively. I even tried changing the file names of the graphics I wanted to be displayed to match those file names. Even that did not solve the problem. In the grand scheme of things it not a big deal but it is irritating. As a side issue is it possible to display more than one custom toolbar at a time?