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  1. Login at WhollyGenes Home Page

    Thank you, Jim. The issue is now cleared up. Here's the core of the reply from WhollyGenes, which I guess other people also may be interested in:
  2. Login at WhollyGenes Home Page

    Hello, This is a help request to WhollyGenes staff. It's been a while since I've been here. I'm a long time customer with several previous versions of TMG, and I want to upgrade now when v8 is released. But I wondered if perhaps WhollyGenes have changed its login system since last time? Anyway, my login e-mail and password doesn't work anymore, not even the lost password routine, so perhaps my earlier account is lost? It's not a big problem to create a new account from scratch, but I'm concerned about the purchase history and stuff I might need in the future, and therefore it'd be better if my previous account was found. Is it possible to find me, you think? I can provide further information about my account details, serial numbers of registered TMG versions, etc. in a private message, when needed. Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
  3. IMO, all dialogs that expects input from the user should offer primary controls visible at all times. As it is now, some dialogs depends on the user to right-click with the mouse to get a menu for entering data or command. Context menus like this is fine, but should be secondary to other controls. The problem with only right-click menus is that they don't show until the user actually right-click. It's perfectly Ok for a user who knows how to do this, but first-time users have a hard time finding these functions (without reading the manual or ask other users). For instance, in the Exhibition dialog there is no "New" button. Why not? Another example: to add place field texts in the Edit Name Style dialog, the user must right-click to be able to modify labels. A "Modify" or "Edit" button would be nice here. Please add buttons like "New" and "Edit" where appropriate.
  4. Many people in Denmark and Norway use a genealogy program called Win-Family, which is currently in version 6.02. A new version has been announced now for years, but the project seems to be dead. The problem is that Win-Family has lousy GEDCOM export. So people with big databases are "stuck" with it until a ) version 7 comes out with better export features, or b ) another program (like TMG) can read its native data. Please consider implementing GenBridge import support for Win-Family 6.02 data.
  5. Wishlist: A Wishlist Forum

    I also support the idea of a Wishlist forum. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but perhaps an even better solution would be a tracker system with a category for "wish", in addition to the "bug", "quirk" and other useful file categories. There are many alternatives for such a tracker system, for instance Mantis. With a tracking system, our wish, bugs and quirk reports will be much more visible to all and we can see their progress all the time.
  6. Place Style localization

    Ok, thanks for the clarification. Now that you mention it, I do remember hearing that the LDS church invented GEDCOM. Anyway, I guess they deserve their own field in the address template. They've done a huge work of collecting genealogy data from all over the globe. But I don't think I'll need this field as originally intended in a norwegian address template. I'll use it for something else then. Yes, thanks for the tip! I know of him from before. As a matter of fact, I visited his homepage just last week. So I'll try and contact him about this. @ Teresa: Thanks for that great tip, Teresa! @ dakko: Hi, dakko! Thanks for the clarification. Norway is a more secular society and has fewer churches and temples. But I talk to LDS guys almost every week, actually. Coincidently, some of them work for the same volunteer organization as me - although we're not connected otherwise with LDS or other churches.
  7. Place Style localization

    Hi Teresa! Ok. Ah! Right click on the label! That was the key to the whole thing. Thanks! I'm puzzled why this is so well "hidden" though. In the exhibition you also have to right click to add contents (I used two days to find that out...) Why not just have a button - [...] for labels and [New] for exhibition contents? It'd be so much easier to find. Great, thanks! ...But what does "Temple" mean here? I know what a temple is, but it can't be that...? LOL Att. norwegians: I also wonder how other norwegian users labels the place and name styles. I want to do this right from the beginning, so I don't have to reorder the contents in my input fields later. I'd appreciate some tips, if you have experience with this.
  8. Here's a question about Place Styles from a newbie. This question has probably been asked many times before, but please bare with me (I tried to search for an answer). I'm having difficulties assigning a custom Place Style to people's address. Since most of my ancestors come from Norway, I want a special Place Style too. I've tried this so far (what I remember from the top of my head): * File->Data Set Manager->Default Data Set Styles->Places set to Custom. * Preferences->Program Options->Custom Styles are set to Custom place style. * Preferences->Program Options->Data Entry->Data Entry Mode set to Advanced. * Preferences->Program Options->Data Entry->Data Entry Mode->Advanced->Place labels = Enabled. * Added a new Place Style in Tools->Master Style List. * Added a new custom address Tag. * Tried to modify the place values in Preferences->Program Options->Custom Styles->Modify Custom Styles, but they show up nowhere... Nothing seem to help me change the U.S. standard template to another one. I just keep getting the same field labels also in the template - one per field and none of my translated ones. ...so I'm kind of stuck at the moment. If anyone can guide me in the right direction of how to do this, I'd be overjoyed. Thanks!
  9. String is too long to fit - RESOLVED

    Hi Jesper! OK, it's good to hear others have had the same experiences and that no data is lost. Yes, I agree. It's like looking for the needle in the haystack. Maybe TMG should log these errors. But since you mention external programs... I use GenSmarts also (well, I have installed it anyway and looked at it once). Do you use this program, and do you think it could be causing this error in TMG? Just a wild thought from the hip...
  10. String is too long to fit - RESOLVED

    Yes, we'll leave it with that and hope it doesn't happen again, as you said. Thank you for your help!
  11. String is too long to fit - RESOLVED

    Close enough. It's actually with a slashed letter o, but you need a norwegian keyboard to type that. I use just "Bjorn" myself when filling out online forms etc. to avoid any problems with missing typesets in the recipient's database and/or printouts. It should be me thanking for your help...! So thank you for replying, Vera! Done it now and it said it corrected 2 potentional problems (but didn't say what it was). So I ran it once more, and this time it reported no problems. Done. It shrinked my database with approximately 300 KB. It contained a couple of messages: Report 06.03.17, 15:48:03 ok >C:\WINDOWS\system32\bbFolderTree.ocx was registered 06.03.17, 15:48:05 ok >C:\WINDOWS\system32\msdxm.ocx was registered
  12. String is too long to fit - RESOLVED

    Hello, Vera!Yes, that's right. But only once. My install path is "C:\Program Files\TMG" in Windows XP. Yes. After I pressed cancel on the error dialog the program stopped and when I restarted it again everything seemed to work as before. My project opens automaticly when the program starts, and it looks OK, but how can I tell for sure? I seem to remember a tool for database consistency check somewhere... will that be sufficient?
  13. Hello, I'm fairly new to TMG. Although I've owned a user licence for every version since v4, it's just recently that I've taken a more serious look at it and started to transfer all my data from another genealogy program. Yesterday I got an error at startup. Here's link to a screendump: Maybe this has something to do with that I'm using a norwegian string set? Anyway, I pressed Cancel on that dialog, the program exited and I restarted it again. This time there was no error message. Is any data corrupted after this, do you think? ...and how do I know for sure?