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  1. print book

    Hi Jim and Robert: Thanks to both of you for the responses. I understand the "Create Book" module and your help provided some new knowledge of TMG. I am very disappointed in the purpose for creating a book because it is very weak in producing a book for publishing my TMG database. I have been a serious supporter of TMG but find it difficult to use with my eighty year old neighbors. Keep up the good work and I will check back periodically as I need help. Sincerely, Charlie Harris
  2. print book

    Hi Jim: I have printed the instructions but I do not find any reference to the button "create book" I guess I am do not understand the instructions.
  3. print book

    Hi Jim: I was not looking for TMG to do the work! I do not find simple instructions for using the Book Manager resource. I will send a GED to FTM and produce a book using this software. Thanks for you imput. Charlie Harris
  4. print book

    Hi Jim: What I mean is how do I print the reports I select in book form.
  5. print book

    How do I print a book
  6. (AL) CAGG TMG Users' Group

    Contact: charris4@att.net Meeting Information: Meet 2nd Saturday of each month