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  1. Morelli, Jill

    Donald, Thanks for the compliment. I am just a beginner at this. It was my intent to not include the citations for the sources on the website. If anyone wants them they can ask. Have a great day! Jill
  2. For my web site I use a modified Carla's Graphics, narrative approach while using a special Second Site language in TMG 15.X This provide the basic BMDB information plus immigration. I have also used SS to produce the Christmas CD for the family. This was done in a standard background, was done in narrative style with lots of pictures etc. Almost every tag was used. http://home.columbus.rr.com/bjmgenealogy If anyone has questions, don't hesitate to ask. If I can do it so can you!! Jill
  3. Jorgenson, Debbie

    I really like how you have added the FGS form to your web site so family members can correct information. Nice site.