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  1. Thank you, Harry. I may just do that. I'm currently weighing the opinion of Jim about v7's stability vs. 8 and 9. Warm regards, David
  2. Thank you, Terry and Jim. Very helpful information. Warm regards, David
  3. Reinstalling may or may not work to restart the 30-day countdown. That's why I'm asking first. It could hide the expiration date in a file on the computer, a registry entry or embed it in the project datafiles. It's been a very long time since I used a trial version of TMG, if ever. I think I started with TMG v4 Gold. Am I better sticking with my unlocked v7 instead of trying to use a trial v9? I don't know/remember the limitations of a trial version of 9. V9 will certainly be better in the long run stability-wise, as it will have been compiled with newer DLLs and other fine bits that have evolved, but I don't need and probably won't use most of the new features in v9. That's really the heart of the reason I didn't immediately upgrade to v8--it wasn't offering any killer features that I couldn't live without. Thanks, David
  4. I'm coming very late to this party, due to a slew of life events beyond my control, and find myself in a retired v9 world with a v7 product. While I'm saddened at the news of the TMG sunset, and depressed at the fact that I missed the chance to purchase an upgrade, I understand well both the pressures of a fading revenue stream and health issues. Either one could kill a product line. I guess my only surprise is how small an operation Wholly Genes was. I always imagined it as a much larger entity than I guess it was. Before I hurt myself or my data, what are the pitfalls of downloading, installing and upgrading my v7 database with the current v9 software? Obviously, I can't provide a valid unlock code, but would that inhibit more than me just having to reinstall the product every X-number of days? Thank you, David
  5. v. 6.10-11 performance problem

    The stars must have shifted their alignments, everything is as speedy as it should be. I just started the program up last night, for the first time in a few nights, and everything is working fine. No patches applied, reboots or anything. It's just working fine now. Must've been sunspot activity...or something.
  6. v. 6.10-11 performance problem

    Jim, I'm sorry to say that it didn't affect the performance at all, other than it took a moment or two longer before presenting the splash screen. I did some more rigorous timings: Open the project: 38 seconds. Add/Edit a citation: 12 seconds. Is there any kind of trace option I could turn on that would create a log that would help Customer Support? Thanks, David
  7. v. 6.10-11 performance problem

    I'll try that tonight, thanks!
  8. v. 6.10-11 performance problem

    I'd love to say that defragmenting my hard drive fixed everything, but I can't since it didn't. This isn't a big database, under 1100 people and less than 250 sources. The only thing I can think of that might have affected performance was that I told it to go ahead and apply the language updates, which I don't think I've done in the past as I don't use any languages except my own. I've since gone into File->Languages and deleted all the extras except English (U.S.) and English2. Then optimized/reindexed/VFI, etc. No change. It takes about half a minute to open my project, now, and adding or editing a citation takes 5-15 seconds to pull up. These were virtually instantaneous in v6.9. Repeating the task results in no speed improvement so it's not as if it works okay once the data is in cache. To me, it feels like a couple of key column indexes are no longer in my database definition. That would explain the slowness (table scans instead of keyed reads) and why reindexing isn't fixing the problem (the index definition isn't there to re-apply). Thanks for taking a stab at it, David
  9. After patching to 6.10 and 6.11, TMG is incredibly slow opening an existing citation, opening the window to add a citation, or clicking on the sentence button. Often times the window that opens won't even have focus. Also, opening the last project upon startup is much slower than before. I've tried the the Reindex/Optimize/VFI routine a couple of times, but it doesn't help. I have a 3GHz Pentium with 1.5GB of RAM, so I don't think my hardware's the problem. That and I didn't have the problem before.
  10. Spaces Between Sentences

    Sure, but extra spaces aren't information, necessarily. Do you want TMG to preserve extra spaces and carriage returns at the end of a memo field? Probably not--they're artifacts of editing, but they are how the information was exactly entered. TMG is doing reasonable processing to avoid formatting problems in the future as well as reducing the space consumed in the database. What isn't immediately clear from Barbara's quotation of the Chicago Manual of Style is the "why" of the style change. Most typewriters printed monospace letters, so an extra space at the end of a sentence was necessary as a visual clue that one sentence had ended and the next had begun. Now, virtually all printing occurs with proportionally spaced letters, so a single space after period is sufficient as a visual clue that a sentence has ended and another begun. In fact, some word processors will auto-correct two spaces after a period to a single space, though this behavior can usually be modified. Hope this helps, David
  11. Second marriages - ordering

    I try to add dates as best as possible using known information and some well-reasoned guesses. For example, I might enter the first marriage date as BEF xxxx where xxxx is the birth date of the first child. It's an assumption, so I use a surety value of 0. Then entering the second marriage date as AFT yyyy, where yyyy is some other known or assumed information. Perhaps even just AFT xxxx, since you know the second marriage is after the first. The net result is the same as what Terry suggested, but tries to document how you know which marriage (or other event) came first, second, etc.
  12. I would consider banns the same as intentions, unless intention is more of an engagement. Banns are a formal announcement made to the community prior to the marriage. In the Roman Catholic church, banns are announced each week the three weeks prior to the ceremony. Ostensibly, this is to give any member of the community a chance to act if they know of a reason why the marriage should not proceed.
  13. Attaching a PDF as an exhibit?

    Jeff, After a reboot, everything worked fine. Adobe Acrobat even appeared. I think I caught it between an Acrobat update and the required reboot. I've happily embedded now. Thanks, David John, Oh, blast! Second Site was exactly what I was expecting this to work with. Guess I'll try the link text file method. Thanks, David
  14. Attaching a PDF as an exhibit?

    I thought I did that, but Adobe Acrobat didn't appear. Do I need more Adobe software than just the reader to make this work? I'll try it again tonight. Thanks, David
  15. Has anybody tried to attach a PDF as an exhibit? Is it possible? Is it expected in a later release? I've got a printer/scanner at work that can scan documents directly into a PDF, which is great for creating electronic copies of pension files and other sources that have multiple interesting pages. I haven't figured out a way to attach a PDF as an exhibit to a source. Thanks, David