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  1. TMG font resolution

    I have just moved TMG 9.5 to a new laptop (Acer Aspire F 15) running Windows 10 and the restore worked well in terms of function and data. Just one slight annoying thing though - the TMG font is slightly fuzzy in the Details view - not at all as sharp as fonts of the same size outside TMG, e.g., in Excel or Word. In the Family and Tree views the font is larger so it doesn't look as fuzzy but it actually is when one looks closely. Is that something that can be fixed? Even if only by making the font size in the Details view a bit larger? The only thing is the Preferences don't seem to provide the option to change the font size in the Details view, although I see it can be done in other views. Actually it's not just the font - the icons on the TMG task bar at the top are also a bit fuzzy. It was better on my old laptop (an HP). Don.
  2. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    (Rewritten to make clearer.) Once you have the program installer in hand, the installer and program have no need to connect to the Internet for installing and running the program. A registration check is done each time that the program is run and is done using code that is internal to the program. A machine with a TMG installation never needs to be connected to the Internet. Related to this, does the TMG installer have any inbuilt count of how many installs I have done in order to ensure that the number of installs does not exceed a licensed maximum? If it does, then eventually as I continue to replace my hardware over the coming years and reinstall TMG on the new hardware each time, am I eventually going to be stopped from doing that by the installer? I wouldn't want that scenario to eventuate years after TMG support has long gone.