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  1. I created a Source Type called Federal Census (Online Image). The template has the following code for the Full Footnote. [DOCUMENT], [COUNTY], [sTATE], < [RECORD TYPE]>, <[CD2]>, <[CD1]>; digital image, <[iTAL:][REPOSITORY][:ITAL] ([REPOSITORY ADDRESS]: accessed [CD3])>; NARA microfilm publication <[FILM]><, roll [ROLL]>. In the individual record, I have used this Source Type for the following census records, 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. I have made sure to attach the repository which is Ancestry.com for all of the tags. When I check the preview of the Full Footnote in the source citation, everything looks correct, the Repository and the Repository Address (the url ) display properly. However, when I actually run an Individual Narrative report and then run the Endnotes report for it, the 1860 and 1880 census citations do not display the Repository or the Repository Address. The 1850 census and 1870 census citations display properly. I have removed and then reattached the Repository, I have recreated the source citation for the two not displaying properly. All to no avail. Can anyone give me a clue as to what is wrong?
  2. Source Type display inconsistent

    Jim, thanks so much. Yes you are right. That was the problem. Appreciate your help.
  3. Is there a report I can run that will show me my source citations and what records they are used with?
  4. I would like to create a pedigree chart and include pictures of the individuals. Can I do this with VCF? Thanks, Jo Arnspiger
  5. I received a laptop for xmas and want to put TMG on it. I currently have it on my desktop. However, when I looked at my cd I realized I have ver 4.x. On my desktop I have ver 6.12 gold edition. Obviously I have gotten the updates to the more current versions. How do I go about getting that onto my new laptop? I was going to do a backup and restore but I don't think that actually gets the program if I understand correctly. I have my serial number. Any help would be appreciated. Jo Arnspiger
  6. I would like to include pdf files as exhibits for my sources. I do not see that option when I right click. Does TMG 6 support pdf? Thanks Jo
  7. I am trying to create a special Report Filter that will give me a list of all females with a birthdate in February. Is this possible? When I try to create the filter I do not see anywhere where I can designate the month of birth to include. Thanks for any suggestions. Jo
  8. Thanks Terry, that works great. Jo
  9. Font Size in Research Log

    Joan, I believe if you go into the Research window and create your item and save it, then while still having the item highlighted in the research window select the text in the comment window and do a right mouse click you will have some options to enlarge the font from small, medium or large or to simply increase the font by 50% or decrease the font by 50%. Do not do this while in the edit mode of the item although there are options there to do it they don't seem to work easily. Hope this helps. Jo
  10. I have an excel file set up that tracks all the census years for any individual starting with 1790 through 1930. I have hyperlinked from the file to jpeg files of the actual census. I would like to be able to link from an event in TMG to this excel file. Can one insert hyperlinks in TMG?? I also use Second Site to create my website, can I include the link in that utility? Thanks so much for any info.
  11. Arnspiger, Jo

    http://arnspiger.org Abbott Adams Aikens Aker Aldridge Alexander Alford Allabaugh Allen Allerton Alling Alloway Alsop Altorffer Anderson Ansterburg Antill Apple Archer Arnott Arnsberger Arnsparger Arnspiger Ax Bachinler Bagby Baker Baldwin Ball Ballard Bantz Barber Barlow Barnes Barrett Bartlet Bartlett Bassett Batzole Bauer Beauan Bechtel Beck Bell Benford Bennett Benson Berton Bishop Bitner Boatman Bode Bolender Bonsor Boo Boon Bordner Bowdry Bowman Boyd Bradley Brantner Breezley Bronner Brooks Brown Bruner Bryan Buchanan Buffman Burdilll Burdyn Burhans Burt Burtch Burton Bush Butler Butterfield Byars Byers Byrd Campbell Caplinger Carpenter Carter Catron Chapman Chatman Cheney Chowning Christian Clark Claybrook Clayman Clegg Coale Coleman Colpitts Conrad Cook Cooms Cox Craig Cravens Crosier Crouch Crowder Crowser Culler Curtis Cutherbertson Cutshaw Dallam Daniels Dare Daughtrey Davis Dawson Day Dean Dearth Decker Dexter Dickerson Dickinson Dillman Dills Doan Dobson Dodson Douglas Douglass Downs Drake Drezel Dry Duffy Dull Dunn Eades Ealam Ealum Earnspiger Earthenhouse Easley Eastburn Eby Egle Ehernsberger Ehrensberger Ehrensperger Elbert Elgi Elwell Emery Emry Entsminger Ernsberger Ernspiger Ernspiker Ernstberger Estabrook Fahrner Fall Farley Farr Favorite Favourite Field Fister Fitzgerald Flagg Forshey Fouts Fowler Fox Frank Franklin Frawley Freece Freeman Friend Fronk Fuchs Fuess Fuller Fullin Fulton Funk Gabbett Gabbitt Garin Garland Garlic Gates Gayle Gett Gibbs Gilbert Gilmore Graff Graham Grantham Graves Gray Greene Greenwood Greer Griggs Grigsby Grimes Groshong Gross Grow/grow Gurley Haberstick Haffield Hamilton Hammond Hampsher Hancock Hanes Hangunsky Harrington Harris Hartley Hastings Hatcher Hathaway Haubensack Haugh Hausen Hawes Hawley Haworth Hays Heald Hedrick Heller Hiatt Hieronymus Hitchcock Hobart Hodge Holland Holleman Hollingsworth Hoover Hopper Horine Hosier Hoss Hotchkiss Houser Hoyt Huckstep Hughes Huker Hunter Huston Hutchinson Jackson Jacobea Jeffers Jellerson Jewel Johns Johnson Johnston Jonah Jones Jost Jr Judd Judkins Kean Keighler Kellum Kerr Ketron Killen Kincaid King Kinsey Knave Kuhn Lake LaMar Lampkin Lancaster Land Lawrence Lay Learned Leimbacher Leonard Leonhardt Lewis Lightfoot Lincoln Little Littlepage Livingston Long Longworth Loranz Lorey Lovell Lowe Lowry Lutz Lynd MacFarlane Mahon Maines Mariner Marmaduke Marris Marrs Marsalis Martain Martin Martz Mason Mauer May Mayer McCallister McClellan McComb McCune McFadden McFarland McGuire McIntosh McKinney/Mckinney McKinnie McLatchy Mcnutt Meads Merman Merritt Meyer Meyers Miller Milleson Mills Mirick Mitchell Mix Mock Moeller Moffit Mondshour Montgomery Moore Morey Morland Morris Morton Moulton Mountjoy Mowers Muench Muluney Munro Murphy Myers Nash Nave Neal Nelson Nettles Newkirk Nichols Nickerson Nickum Nicolls Offutt Ogden Oliver Orcutt Orme Osborn Osborne Owen Paeffer Parker Parks Patton Patyswit(owna) Payne Pearl Peck Penn Perry Philips Phillipp Phillips Pickel Pickens Pierce Pilston Piper Poffenbarger Porter Posegate Post Powell Prather Pratt Priddy Priest Proprietaries, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Putnam Rake(straw) Rathgeb Ratliff Rausch Reed Reeser Reid Reitenbach Reitenbachen Reynolds Rhoads Rhodes Rhorer Richardson Roberts Robinson Rodriguez Rogers Rohrer Rominch Roush Rowe Rowland Royal Royalty Rucker Russell Ruttgen Ryan Sackman Sageser Sargent Saunders Schenckel Schlupkoten Schmid Schneider Scholl Scobee Seal Seely Shade Shaifer Sharp Shaver Shelt Shepherd Sherman Shields Shinkle Shirley Shoemaker Simmons Simpson Smith South Spear Spees Spencer Sperry Spong Springate Stahleker Stanley Starr Steele Steeves Stephens Sterling Stevens Steves Stief Stinson Stobal Stofold Stone Stoneberger Storm Stovall Stovold Stovolde Strange Switzer Talmadge Tanner Taylor Thomas Thompson Tickner Tiffin Tilton Timmens Timmerman Todd Trantor Trippel Trisler Trissler Trites Tuttle Utley Van Osdol Vannerson Vincent Vohl Waggamon Walcher Walderin Walderschimdt Walker Walter Ward Waters Watson Watters Weaver Webb Wedding Weibel Weiderman Weighley Wener Weston Whaley Whealdon Wheeler Wickfelder Wiessler Willard Willhoite Williamson Wilmot Wilson Wise Wiseman Wood Woodward Woodworth Worner Wright Wymer Yates Young Zimpel I didn't do a lot of customization mostly out of the box for Second site.
  12. I would like to generate the descendency box chart with vertical alignment of the families instead of the horizontal. I thought I say a place to change that setting but now can't find it. Is there a way to do that?