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  1. Import preferences into TMG 8

    Virginia, Thanks for that I will get on to it now. Best wishes Derek
  2. Import preferences into TMG 8

    Virginia and Helmut, Thanks, I agree with Virginia copying .INI files from App to App is almost as dangerous as modyfing the Registry. So I'll just do that bit manually. One further item though is that in V7 I created a number of customised Chart layouts (mostly boxes with customised sizes and borders). Do you know where they would be stored in V7? They took a long time to create and I do not want to have to do it all over. In C:/Users/My Documents/The Master Genealogist v7/configuration files there are 3 .vcc files vcfwabc.vcc, vcfwdec.vcc and vcfwfan.vcc could they be the customised boxes? Thanks Derek
  3. Import preferences into TMG 8

    Thanks Virginia, I have got the .lo and .tbr files from TMG 7 and into TMG 8 and layout now looks more like it did in TMG 7. All I can't locate is where TMG 7 saves the Preferences/Options/Progran Options.data. Your paper does not say what the file extension is. It is not in the .INI file or the registry that I can see. Could you please let me know what file name these are stored in. Thanks Derek
  4. Is it possible to import my prefered screen layout and report preferences from TMG 7, or do I have to do it all over again. Seem to remember moving from TMG 6 to 7 I also had to set up everything. Is it possible copy a preferences file from the old version into the new using Win Explorer? Thanks Derek
  5. Journal Report fails

    I am using Win 7 64bit and TMG 7.04 and Office 2010. Whenever I try to create a Journal report I get a message "WordPort Spawn Error" followed by "Conversion Error #20: Unknown Error - Contact Tech Support" When I click OK and the report aborts the output file opens in Word 2010 but is empty. Journals worked OK before the upgrade to Win 7 (Vista with Office 2007) Anyone had this and is there a work arround? Thanks Derek
  6. Terry thanks for the tip English in both cases but one US and the other UK. "Americans and British are one people separated only by a common language." Winston Churchill. Thanks Derek
  7. When I print a Journal report it ignores the sentence structure for Tag type Notes that do not have a date, e.g. a general note about someone that is not time dependant. If I preview the sentence in the Tag Entry screen it shows correctly. When I generate the Journal report it starts the sentence "At and unknown date...." which is a default setting where the date is not optional. My Note syntax is Note: - <[D]> <[M]> <[L]> Can someone please tell me how to fix the Journal as I am having to manually edit the Journal to replace "At an unknown date...." with "Note: ". Thanks Derek
  8. TMG keeps trying to instal v. 12

    Hi All, Thanks for the replies. It's not a real problem for me either, more of a nuisance when it says there is an upgrade that isn't. My app.ini file has this entry [PatchEngine] PatchFile=http://www.whollygenes.com/files/upgrades/tmg612_uk.ini So it should know it's on v 12. I'll live with it until the next version before I decide to disable the auto update unless some one figures out why. Reassuring to know I'm not the only one that it happens to. Thanks Derek
  9. Some time ago TMG UK Gold 6.12 was installed via upgrade from v.11 (set to check for update every 3 days). On start up it says TMG 6.12 is the current version. Now every few days I get told 'Good news TMG version 12 is now available.' It connects says the download size is 0b and then makes like it is doing an upgrade and then closes. On re starting TMG it is then OK for a few days, until it looks for an upgrade, then it does it again. Is there any way of knowing if I have really got v. 12 and if so how can I make it stop trying to do this phantom update? Thanks Derek
  10. Census Sort order

    I have just spent the last hour exporting my family file to a Gedcom and then reloading it into a new family file. Result - the census tags are now in the right order. There has to be something in the background that we can't see that controls the order of undated tags. Derek
  11. Census Sort order

    Thanks Terry, Guess I will have to live with it, I have hundreds of census reference that will have to be edited. Best Derek
  12. Census Sort order

    Census dates are essentially 'undated tags' adding a sort date moves them up into the Name Tags. There must be something internal to TMG that controls the order of 'Undated Tags'. Is there anyone at TMG who knows what this is and can advise on a utility to fix it. Thanks D
  13. Census Sort order

    I have imported a lot of data from another genealogy package including UK census information. The 1891 census information now always shows on the tag entry screen and the Journal report after the 1901 census. Also the 1851 census and the 1841 also get reversed. Is there any way to make them appear in actual census date order without having to enter a sort date for every census (there are hundreds of census references). Thanks Derek
  14. TMG requesting file OPEN

    Hi Virginia, Thanks for the tip. Instead of resetting and then having to put it all back I thought I would try the gentle approach first and for now it seems to have worked. What I did was to make a dummy change to the file locations, by using 'browse' to select the correct path and then I saved the 'change'. It's not much difference in terms of effort, but I did not have to try and remember on which drive and path I have all of the different components stored. It seems to have cured the problem. TMG must somehow get some file locations wrong in it's registry settings in a way that do not show in the preferences. This may also have been caused because I installed an extra hard drive and then moved the backup files to the new hard drive a couple of days before I upgraded to 6.04, so the problem may not be release specific. When I changed the backup location originally I overtyped the drive letter and saved the change. It seemed to be quite happy backing up to the new location, however maybe it wasn't and I should have 'browsed' to the new location and saved. One for the techies to ponder over. Thanks to everyone who responded. Derek
  15. Since I installed TMG 6.04 on 6 UK edition I intermitently get a request to open a file when I view a persons details, this happens from almost anywhere. Opening from the bookmark or when I click on a person in the Details, Siblings or Children windows. It does not happen if I link from the project explorer or open someones details from the picklist. The person's details display OK when I cancel the Open file request. Checking file integrity show no problem. It may be connected with having IE open at the same time. I have started TMG up witout having connected to the Internet and it does not ask for a file to be opened. I have started TMG from fresh boot and no request to open file. It just happens sometimes and I can't track down the conditions. Has anyone else come across this. Thanks Derek