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  1. Virginia, thanks for the help. I found why this was happening. When I installed TMG 8.2 I used my primary Windows 7 users account which has administrator system rights. Although the TMG 8 Installer folder was created during installation, apparently the TMG 8 folder in the ProgramData folder was not created. So everytime I started TMG 8, it was recreating the configuration settings since it could not the configuration files in the ProgramData folder. I fixed the problem by starting TMG 8 with "Run as Administrator" one time. Now the ProgramData folder has the TMG 8 Data folders with the settings and appears to be working fine. Thanks for your help.
  2. TMG 8.2 works for me in Windows 7 but with some inconveniences in starting the application. Each time I start TMG a message appears that TMG is configuring buttons, graphics, help files, date converter and other items related to settings. Then I see the Welcome splash screeen and then Welcome to The Master Genealogist message to open projects. The "Last" button is always darkened and is not an option. Even when I uncheck the box and restart. I then select my project and TMG opens it. What can I change to just startup TMG and go directly to open my last project? It's always worked this way but something has happened to change some settings. I've tried checking the Preferences for Show Welcome Window. I've tried uninstalling, deleting the TMG 8 installer folder under ProgramData, and then reinstalling TMG 8.2. None of this eliminates the startup configuration and need to select my project. Thanks for you help.
  3. Moving away from TMG

    There is a BIG difference between importing a Pedigree Chart into a new genealogy program and importing and TMG data. You might be better off using an exported GEDCOM file. But why do that. You will lose a lot of detail from your data even with a GEDCOM transfer. TMG has announced a new update in Version 8 so they should be around for a while.
  4. Associated Application Not Found

    Jim, thanks for this suggestion. I installed TMG 7.04 on Windows 7 Starter Edition (on a netbook) and had this issue. Using your suggestion corrected the issue in Windows 7.
  5. Unable to print Acrobat files to PDF

    Hi I've resolved the issue , by closing TMG & installing the Amyuni document converter from Programme files/The manster genealogist/rrw/pdfintsall Then I open TMG & from printer setup run "Install pdf printer " ........and it works thanks for showing interest in my problem zane Thanks Zane. That worked for me. I found that Quicken PDF Printer also works fine with TMG PDF output.
  6. Terry, the issue is resolved. What a bizarre situation I found in my data records! The Groom and Bride roles were spelled correctly and the sentence structure was good. However, the "Unknown" person being referenced by the sentence variable had a primary Name-Variation tag with a "-" in the #1 surety field of the source citation! To complicate matters, when I entered this data for several persons, apparently I used the "repeat" citation feature which duplicated the "-" in the surety field. In the end I had several marriage tags which had the names suppressed because of the minus sign. The data suppression feature worked as advertised but not as I had intended. Your tip led me to find the problem. Thanks much for your help. Ken
  7. TMG Version 7.04 on WinXP In five families of the journal report, the marriage sentence lists that a person married an unknown person when both husband and wife are linked in the marriage tag. I have several hundred families in this journal report where the marriage tag sentence is working properly. Strangely, for these five families, the journal report lists: "He married an unknown person" when in fact both roles (groom and bride) are assigned to individuals in my project. Preview of sentence in the marriage tag is showing same sentence of "He married an unknown person" in one role and the sentence is correct in the other role I have tried the following to resolve this issue: - refreshed sentence several times - refreshed the tag type (marriage) for that event to refresh the sentence structures - set the threshhold levels in the report options to No Threshold and include blank surety Appreciate any ideas on what is causing this behavior?
  8. V7 Installation Problem

    Elletee, thanks to your hubby for offering the solution to reset permissions in the registry. That worked on my XP Prof system. I tried the one suggested by Blombie but it did not work on my system. It would be good for WG to post a suggested fix under the FAQ since other users will encounter this issue. Thanks again.
  9. USGS GNIS Not working with IE 7

    Thanks Virginia. It works now with data manually entered into the GNIS screen. Too bad the lookup place string is no longer passed to the browser. But the primary site link is working. Ken
  10. While in the Master Place List, the "Using a Lookup on the Web" my browser (IE 7) gets an HTTP 404 error for the USGS/GNIS site. TMG and my browser work fine with the U.S. Census site and the "Get a Map of this place". I checked the USGS/GNIS site manually and it is working fine. Do I need to change settings in TMG or IE 7 to get the USGS search to work?