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  1. Print Research Log

    Just Tried Your Suggestion and it works Just fine. Thanks Laurence
  2. Print Research Log

    Having got the Research Log to Print , I've realised its sorting in Name order, I would like to sort by date and Parish . Ie 1876 Navestock Look for Baptism of James flanders, etc. Any suggestions as to How this May be done ? Also anyway of indicating which search items are more critical/important than others ? I've used Keyword to sort my Baptism's , Burials & Marriages. Laurence Newton
  3. Print Research Log

    Thanks Very Much . Just Tried it and it worked Fine . Much Appreciated Laurence
  4. I watched the TMG video last night. It said you can print your Research Log. I'm planning my next research trip in 2 weeks. It would be really helpful if I could Print my Research Log for things I need to do. I can see no Print buttons in the research Log window. There are no Print options in the File Menu. and I can see no research Log report in the Report menu. I am completely Baffled as to how I am supposed to print my research Log. The Help Menu doesn't tell me either. Please please can someone tell me how to print my research Log ? Laurence Newton
  5. Moving project

    Surely You make a backup on your first machine. Move the backup file to your new computer. Then do a restore from backup. Problem Solved. Laurence
  6. Details window - Name Place Edit

    Yes . I basically want to exclude the first Place field from appearing in the Detail View for my Census Entries. And as you correctly state still see them when the Tag Entry screen is open. Laurence
  7. Family Tree SuperTools

    Import your Family Tree File into TMG. The Pictures and Images will be brought in with it but as Internl Exhibits. (The only exception I found was images associated with marriages). I Then found you can select each Image and make it an External Image specifying its storage Location. The only downside is its time consumming. Laurence
  8. It May sound like a strange question . Can The information shown from a Tag in the Name/ Place list on the details window be Changed ? If So How ? I have customised a Few of My Tags so when there open they show me what I want to see . How ever When shown in the Name / Place list I would like to miss out some of the fields curently shown so It makes more immediate Sense . I don't want to re-edit all My tags if I can help it. especially as They are how I want them when the TAG is open . Laurence
  9. PDA + TMG - better research

    I Usually Take my Laptop but suspect a portable keyboard and PDA would be easier and definately pose less problems when shooting off for lunch. I do think my original point has been lost alittle. or maybe its being shown. You don't want lots of floating people in your tree program . You don't want to record data twice. You don't want to revisit registers lots of times (I don't have enough holiday from work for that). You do want to check interesting enteries with your current information. You do want to Travel lite. The use of the PDA away from your computer is two fold. 1. to check or refer to your existing information . (Pcket Geanealogist does this) 2.a To enter Records As we find them with source refernces. 2.b To be able to simply transfer that infromation to TMG seamlessly with having to retype or mess about with it. in the second part of this equation there are going to be records that turn out to be unconnected. I don't want them in my tree . I may want the record for future reference though. My PDA needs to run 2 programs that can interface. one to show my current tree. and its Tags. so I can refer to any of my current records relating to any of my ancestors. Also refer to my TODO list. The second a Database which allows records tobe made and kept as I go along but which can also transfer a record directly as a tag to my TMG file by selecting the relivent person or adding the relivent person to someone already in my TMG File. Maybe (not sure though) it should allow you to connect related data together so when imported into TMG it creates a Family group or drops all the data relating to one person in in one hit i.e. parents having 6 children christened could be connected so all the children are entered together in one hit by saying the information/records all relates to the father &/or mother. Both these need to sync back to my main computer when I return from my trip. and talk to TMG . For those not sure what I'm getting at TMG is a database where connections are based on the Familys and People. The second Database I would like is a database based on Records about People. The 2 would be complemetary and allow Data tobe Copied between the 2 because the fileds making the database's would be compatible allowing free datatransfere via a wizard.
  10. Sue When I want to add a new Tag Label I select the "ADD" buton where you say Child-bio. This opens a new window where you can select the Tag group and Tag Style. I Added one for BDM index referneces so they would match the information I wanted to enter. Not quite got the hang of the sentance Construction though. still I'll find time to play with that at some stage. Laurence
  11. Merging Gedcom Data Sets

    Many Thanks I knew it was something silly I was doing. I knew it would be possible. Laurence
  12. I have for a while thought Great as our Family Tree Programs are there may be potential for an intergrated approach using both a PDA and Home computer with Geanealogy software. What Do I mean ? Well we enter are ancestors and print reports and trees. at home. We go off and do Research come back armed with sheets of data we found , sort them and spend hours entering them into our tree program IE TMG. But What IF, what If we downloaded from say TMG our reports and relevent data for the research we are off to do onto our PDA using Activesync. Then enter into pre-set Templates the information we find on our research trip. Then when we get back we can down load this information over active sync back onto our Main computer, select the individual records to either enter directly into TMG saving all that retyping or into an holding project for people/records we can't tie in yet for future use. Also when looking for rlevent information in the field you have all your relivent information with you to allow quick checks verifying your hunches and suspisions. My point is that the PDA and TMG would complement each other and allow information to directly be entered into TMG and/or Record database of research for future refernce when firm links are established. using 2 programs that interlink together for smoothe effortless data gaterhering and transfer.
  13. John Is "NOT having this support is a GOOD idea" a typo that Should read "NOTE having this support is a GOOD idea" ? My file is approx 1.4 Gigabytes at present. Although I have reduced this a bit by moving some photos externally of the program. (The main reason I switched from FTM). I still have about 100 photos to shift to an external existence. But you can see it make sense to back it up to CD/DVD safe from Virus's and Disk Crashes. My Tree was started by my father some 10 years ago and to me, it represents alot of hard work and energy. I don't want to loose it . Incidently I did loose 6 months work a while back. It was painful redoing all that work (even if I did have a road map to work to the second time). I now back up every time I finish, and back up to 3 other separate locations every month. I don't intend to loose that much info again. My genealogy folder is approximately 15Gigabytes as this contains Census info and photos as well as word documents relating to my research. I have very little Hard copy records except for the BDM Certificates. I work mainly Electronically, even on visits to county record officies. I did try a couple of times implementing a manual record system. But I never found a system that suited me. The Electronic one did. Hence my emphasis on my backup's. Laurence
  14. Merging Gedcom Data Sets

    Lorna I was told that Gedcom format wasn't recognised/supported. If I double click the gedcom directly it opens straight into FTM with asking which program I would like it to open in. The process is roughly 1. Select File for Download 2. File Download window appears showing file name & Type (FTW GEDCOM) 3. Click Save File (I put it in a folder with all my Gedcom's). 4. To this point I am happy everything is fine . 5. Select from "File" menu "Import" 6. Select Simple Wizard and Next 7a. Select Import File Type ( I select "Family Tree Maker (.FTW)" based on the GEDCOM being an FTW type. [is this right?]) 7b. Select File by clicking Locate and Going to the folder where my gedcom is located. (however it's not seen so I select All files and then select my gedcom file). then click next. 8. the next wizard screen (step 2 import) now says in red at bottom 'Wrong extension "FTW" for import file type: "Family Tree Maker (.FTW)" 9. End Game as next button is shaded out. Please make me happy and tell me where I'm going wrong. I know its probably something stupid or silly . But it would save a fair bit of typing. Laurence
  15. I had an external USB HD . I had the same initial "wrong Destination Path" . I restarted the restore process and selected the path making sure all the folders I needed to use were already in place. It did then do a backup OK , but instead of the usual 50 mins it took 8 hours to complete . I also have never been able to backup to my cdwritter directly , something I find frustrating.