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  1. TMG8.05 upgrade - version details

    I just had the same problem installing 8.06. I guess since 8.05 that the program has been installed in a different location, so 8.04 is still listed as an installed program, and my old shortcuts point to 8.04. So when I checked the version I was running, it said 8.04, but when I checked for an update it said I was using the current version. Odd. What was I actually running? Most people won't even notice this. They'll assume they're actually running 8.05 or 8.06 when they are actually running 8.04.
  2. Database merge

    Did anyone find a solution to this problem? I'm experiencing the same thing today. The database I'm trying to merge into the other was created using the secondary output feature of the LOP report.
  3. Tab characters in memo fields are consistently stripped out during the gedcom export process. They are entirely missing in the gedcom. This happens with an actual ascii character or the [:Tab:] code. I have also found that if I select the "Break long values between words" option that the space between the two words where the break is made is stripped out. Is either thing by design, or are they bugs? Bob Mallett