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  1. End Trial?

    I'm staying with TMG, I hope. Got a new computer with WIN 10. Installed TMG 9 Gold and data bases. Everything works for weeks, then TMG says 'Trial over, buy or put in registration'. I put in my registration, TMG says 'Thanks, you're good to go'. Then a couple weeks later, I have to go through this again. I'm getting scared TMG might sometime lock me out of 15 years of genealogy. Anyone know how I can get out of this loop? Thanks --Mike
  2. Unexpected Filter

    Thank you. As usual, it's easy when you know how. --Mike
  3. Unexpected Filter

    Somehow I unexpectedly filtered the tags in the 'Details' window for my main project database. Dozens of tags on residence, education, etc are missing. Only birth, marriage, death, and children are shown. In the tag banner that normally shows 'Type-Date-Name/Place', I see 'Filtered-Date-Name/Place'. Could someone help in 'unfiltering' me? Just before this happened, I was working on a 'focus group' to export a subset of data. When I went back to my main project, the filtered tags appeared. Have tried to find the filter, but not luck. Any thoughts? -and thanks for any help. Mike Fox
  4. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    I'm 78 and am at the end of the process of closing out 25 years of research stored in TMG. Have portable hard-drives for each kid filled and almost ready to give to them. The place of pride is the folder with the complete TMG data base and a folder with its backup. As a last backup, there's a GEDCOM folder. I am sick at the thought of losing tremendous amounts of work. The only saving grace is a folder with Second Site that will at least allow them to see the information. But how will they add their own family history to the basis I built? Giving them a copy of TMG is not a solution. The only wisdom I've heard is be patient and see what develops.
  5. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Life is full of bad stuff. As with others, I wish Bob Velke the best. The news that TMG is coming to an end is a real kick in the gut for me. I'm 78 and am closing out 25 years of research and was getting ready to hand it over to my kids with TMG. I've been bragging to them for years how good TMG is and how much info I've put into memos. --how 1000s of exhibits are tied to individual persons. Oh boy----!!! I'm sick at the thought of loosing the info in the memos. For me, I'll stick to TMG to the end. For my kids?????? So far, the best advice is to hang tight and see what develops. I'll be watching this forum closely.
  6. Free Viewer

    Yes, you're right. I want to pass 30 years of genealogy to my children, but immersing them in TMG cold-turkey isn't the way to do it. Only if one of them (or one of the grandchildren) want to continue collecting new info and continue the genealogy him/herself would the data base be any good. Second Site would be the best way to leave just the info to them. I probably should also put a copy of the GEDCOM on the protable harddrive in case they don't want to go as high-end as TMG to continue the genealogy. Thanks
  7. Free Viewer

    Good news and bad. Mocakebi works perfectly, but-- I downloaded it to the portable harddrive and then installed it on that drive, and it reads my TMG database on the harddrive. But when I take the harddrive to another computer and try to launch Mocakebi, it won't start. Apparently, I'd have to install it on each computer. I'll have to do some thinking on this.. Thanks
  8. Free Viewer

    I am reaching an age where I'm concerned with leaving the results of 30 years of family research to my children. I have purchased a 1TB portable harddrive for each child to contain these results. In one of the folders on the drive, I'd like to have the TMG data-base for some 5000 ancestors and relatives. I will recommend each child buy a copy of TMG to have full control of the data, but as a minimum I'd to include a viewer for the data so the children can at least do searches for their ancestors. Is there a free viewer for the TMG data-base? Thanks --Mike
  9. Printing timelines

    I'm working on timelines for the various villages where my grandparents came from in Germany, and I'd like to get paper copies to help editing. The format is the old Dbase, and I don't have a utility to open and print the various timelines. Anyone know of a 'free' utility to do this. Don't want to spend bucks just for a paper copy. Thanks. Mike
  10. to vs in

    I'm trying to change a 'residence' tag for an individual from "Joe lived in Indiana." to "Joe moved to Indiana." I got the 'moved' part, but I'm stuck on turning 'in' into 'to'. Would appreciate a hint on where to find out how to do this. I'm striking out on TMGs help because I can't figure out the right question to ask.
  11. Timeline Utility

    Is there a utility to create timelines for TMG? I find the tool in TMG difficult and slow. Thank you.
  12. Keeping 15 people out of reports

    If I understand correctly, you set a privacy flag in TMG and then completely filter those people out in a TMG focus group that contains the remaining 4085 people (5000 - 15 = 4085). Then you use the focus group as the project for Second Site and set exclude/include living people. Is this right?
  13. Keeping 15 people out of reports

    So it sounds like I can set a special flag in TMG for people who should not appear and use a filter in Second Site to prevent them from appearing an on-line version open to the public. Can you steer me to a particular area in how to use Second Site in this fashion and give any other potential problems such as you mentioned with census entries. It would be unacceptable to my cousin if anyone could do a google search for one of these people and be directed to my future web site. Thanks for your help.
  14. Keeping 15 people out of reports

    I've got a lot of people in TMG and recently a 7th cousin has asked me to keep everyone in just her line after 1900 (about 15 people) out of any reports. I want to honor her request. Could anyone tell me where to find the instructions to do this that would apply to TMG and also Second Site.
  15. Person Exclusion

    That took care of the problem. Thanks for the help! Mike