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  1. globally change data

    Thanks for the answers guys. I'll download the TMG Utility again. It's been awhile since I've looked at it. Never used it though. Also, thanks for the "right click" edit trick for the citation. I think that will help a lot. I figured that there were ways to do this without either manually doing it all, or going into the database and messing with it directly (which I don't prefer to do, even though I work as a DBA). BTW, on a side note, I can't "Like" either of your comments, it says I've used up my quota of votes for the day even though I haven't voted for anything.
  2. Hello, I've used TMG for awhile now, and I cite everything very completely. When I create reports, it shows every single citation. For "names", and "births" of some individuals, I have upwards of 50 to 60 citations. Obviously, when creating reports, including this display amount of citations is obviously overdoing it. I have recently found that if I put a minus sign in front of the citation assignment, I can get the citation to not show unless I choose "show excluded data". This works perfectly, and unless there's a better way to exclude citations, and make one, two or three citations primary(to only show only these on reports), this is the best way of doing what I want. If anyone knows a better way, please let me know. So given the way I think I want to do this now, I will have to retrofit all the citations to match this paradigm. Is there a way to globally change all citations from a number to include the negative sign in front of it, for example, change the citation with source number "36" to source number "-36"? Jon Reed
  3. Hello, I hope someone could help me. I have TMG 6.03, and I'm trying to create an Event for Group Photos. I understand how to create a Event, with Roles, and then create the sentences. What I want to do is have an "Group Photo" event that has 1 to 100 people listed as a "Subject" in a photo. I then want the sentence to print everyone's full name in the output. Now, if I make the "Subject", a primary Role, I can only have two names in the sentence. However, if I make "Subject", a witness Role, it won't put the full name of any of the people even if I put [R:Subject] in the sentence. What I want is to have a "GroupPhoto" event, with a "Subject" role, and a "Photographer" role. This is my current "Subject" Sentence: [:CR:][R:Subject] had a photo taken <at [L]> <on [D]>. <[M]> If I have 3 (Bob Jones, Bill Smith, John Reed) people that are assigned the "Subject" Role, if they're Primary and I print out for Bob Jones, I get: Bob Jones had a photo taken. In the same circumstance, it they're all Witness roles I get the following: He and he and he had a photo taken. If I then change the Sentence to: [:CR:][RF:Subject] had a photo taken <at [L]> <on [D]>. <[M]> I get the following: Bob, Bill and John had a photo taken. Now the question, how do I get the sentence, and who do I assign the roles to output: Bob Jones, Bill smith and John Reed had a phone taken.