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  1. Delete TMG5 from computer

    I have version 9 and will eventually get everything into that. So sorry to see this is the end of TMG because I've used it ever since the very beginnings. JR
  2. Delete TMG5 from computer

    I see it was actually version 6 that I was concerned about. Happily, its all gone and there were no problems. Thanks again for your quick help. Now to transfer all my projects from TMG v7 into TMG v8. JR
  3. Delete TMG5 from computer

    Thanks Jim. Will give it a try. I just wondered if anyone had done this before or maybe just left it alone. JR
  4. I'm currently using TMG7 and also have the latest full version of TMG8 on my computer. Is it safe to now delete the TMG5 program from my computer since I had transferred my projects to TMG7? I want to make certain this is a safe thing to do before I go ahead and start using TMG8. Thank you for your help. JR