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  1. Upgrade from V8

    Thanks Jim I have contacted them as you suggest.
  2. Upgrade from V8

    Hello, Last weekend I paid for the upgrade from V8 to V9 and selected to receive the update by electronic means. The upgrade system told me to expect the download instructions and serial number by email. Unless I have accidently deleted the email, I have not received it Can it be sent again please.
  3. Serial Number

    OK, I have sent Support and email. Thanks for your help Jim.
  4. Serial Number

    Hello, When I install a new TMG version (I am currently on TMG8) I normally safe the Serial Number in a Word document so I can access it if I need to reinstall. I had my PC rebuilt due to various problems and now have reinstalled TMG8. Unfortunately I forgot to save the Serial Number I received. Can I get the Serial Number back so I can run TMG8? Regards Art Eccles