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  1. Hi, Have a problem, When I restore from a backup it will changes all the settings i "Advanced" all the file path are changes back to default. Why? When I Restore, I uncheck "Use the default path for Ext, exhibits" and correct the path I use and the same with "Configuration_Files" and "Timeline" When I come to step 4 Options, I see that the checkbox for "Preferences > Program options" are greyed out and the cursor tips says "This item can't be restored for current version". I use version 9.01 and the backup are from Version 9.01, so it should not be any different there. So why should I have to change every time the file path when I restore the backup. The filepath are the same om my PC and the PC the backup came from. Hope someone have the answear to solve this problem. Erling
  2. Citation

    Ok, Thanks.
  3. Citation

    Hi, Have one issue for now. When I press Ctrl. F3 I got a list of the last Sources I have used. Before I got the source name in this box, but now I got only the the source ID number and who does remember all this number? Is it any place we can set that the Source name will come insted of the number?. Best regard Erling Kristiansen
  4. I got a smaler problem when I try to get photos in to TMG .V7. When i pick a photo i got this message: OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from CommonDialog: The FileName buffer is to small to store the selected filename(s). (Increase MaxFileSize).. 75 GETFILEY It seems to me thats it's been a limit on the filename in V7. I had no problem in V.6.12 with the filenamesize. Is it possible to increase this setting or do I have to change all the name of the files in my project? Regard Erling Kristiansen
  5. Program shuts down

    Hi! I'm using V6.12 and IE7, but when it come to IE, this program was updatet last week and before that I had IE6. But the problem with the shut down is still the same. I have noticed that the shut down alway come with an mouse click or scrolling with the mouse and for the record IE is almost always open because I am working with it. Erling
  6. Program shuts down

    Hi! I have also seen that my TMG has been shut down and often combined with mouse clik and scrolling with the mouse wheel. It seem that the problem is about the mouse. Erling
  7. This is the message while I changing Accent Alias name is already in use. 0 FRMACCENTDEFINITION.CNTACCENTCONDITION1.MCREATEFIELDDEFINITION and then after i click "ingore" Variable "LLFOUND" Is not found. 0 FRMFLG.CMDOK.CLICK and after, its seems that programs work normaly. What is causing this and how can it be fixed? and to something other. It seems that my picklist does not sort at all. Can somebody help me with that? Regard Erling
  8. Hi! Just upgrade to V6.08 and when I add an spounse this message appear: Error with lbl - Forecolor : Expression evaluated to an illegal value. I use accent activated in my database. Can it be this that cause this error message. Erling Kristiansen
  9. Hi! I got one problem that are not realited to any specific keystroke or mouse click, but sometime after a while TMG just shut down. Sometime it will create a line in vfp7err.log that you will see under and sometime it just shut down without creating any log entry. Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2005.10.05 10:17:38 AM. Error log file: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\vfp7rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 584 {c:\programfiler\the master genealogist\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\programfiler\the master genealogist\tmg.exe} Can somebody tell me why this happend, I use win XP with service pack 2. Erling