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  1. Date format problem

    Thank you all for some great information to look at for ways to best solve my problem.
  2. Date format problem

    I need some hints on how to best get myself out of a problem I have created with my data. Many years ago I started data entry in another genealogy program and used the date format mm/dd/yyyy as that was the most familiar date format used in USA and when I changed to TMG I imported that data. I also used that same date format in TMG for many years. About a year or so ago, I switched to the more universal date format dd/mm/yyyy. Immediately after the switch I checked around and it seemed to correctly make the change, so I began entering any event based upon the new date format. Now to the problem, I was entering an additional source on some old data and noticed the date was wrong. Instead of 9 Feb 1701/2 it said 2 Sept 1701/2. These were the dates when the calendar changed where Jan-March changed to a different year (Julian to Gregorian calendar). I don't know yet whether other non standard dates like when circa, before, after, etc. have been used are also messed up or not yet. I need an understanding of how TMG treats dates that were imported and non standard dates when the date format changes to figure out the best way out of this problem I created. I have over 5000 people in my database. Is the best thing to do to return to the mm/dd/yyyy format and then recheck everything done since a specific date? Is there anyway to make a list of what has changed in the database since a specific date? I do have TMG Utility and am running TMG 9.05. I also have backups from various times to go back to try to figure out when I made the date change although that would be very time consuming. Suggestions?