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  1. Problem Printing PDF Reports

    Sorry, I spelled NUL: incorrectly. The printer port for the Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 is spelled correctly as you stated above and after being deleted many times. I also checked all the printer names and do not have an Amyuni Printer installed. Mike
  2. Problem Printing PDF Reports

    Thank all of you for your suggestions. I had read the proposed fixes before I started this topic. In the past few days I have uninstalled TMG v8 and the vestiges of its files in the Program Default Data Paths; then reinstalled TMG v8. The Amyuni PDF Writer v4 installed properly, but I had to reassign the port from LPT1 to NULL. I still have the problem I reported on 5 FEB at 2:20PM. The printing problem starts with an Activation Error window containing "Printer not activated, error code: -30". What is the source of this error and What is the fix? What does Amyuni have to say about this error? Still need help. Mike
  3. Problem Printing PDF Reports

    The Amyuni driver is used by several popular applications by Intuit (QuickBooks and TurboTax that I am aware of) and apparently TMG is competing for use of some of the Amyuni components. I use TurboTax and I have updated it several times recently as well as installed an Amyuni update distributed by Windows Update. I don't know how, but I suspect this competition is causing my inability to use TMG's report writing to PDF. The source of the problem may lie in the cdintf.dll file. My guess. I have been able to print a PDF from TurboTax. I need your help. Mike
  4. TMG v8.01 on Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 I tried to print various reports to Adobe Reader (PDF). All was Ok until after the 'Converting...' step. Next screen was an 'Activation Error' window containing "Printer not activated, error code: -30". Pressing OK was followed by a 'TerPrint2, Error code: 15' window containing "Unable to Start the Print Job." After OK, the next window was a 'TMG' window containing "Error exporting to C:\Users\...\Report_Output\filename.PDF." Pressing OK again closed the 'Report Definition Screen' for the report and returned to the Details screen. On the 'Control Panel - Printers' display Wholly Genes PDF Writer Version 4 setup appeared normal and used Amyuni PDF Converter Version I attempted to print a test page using the 'Print Test Page' tab on Wholly Genes PDF Writer Version 4 Properties window and received an 'Activation Error' window containing "Printer not activated, error code: -30". Pressing OK showed a 'Printer Properties' window stating the test page did not print; asked to run the printer trouble-shooter (none of items applied); said the device was not ready. All Windows Updates installed. Among recent Windows Updates was one from Amyuni, 1/24/2012. I had not tried to print a report to Adobe Reader (PDF) prior to this date. How does Wholly Genes PDF Writer Version 4 get activated? I have the same problem on a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.