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  1. Read only mode?

    Is there any way to set TMG v8 up in a read only mode? I'd like to take my laptop with my current project file to a family reunion and let them browse the family tree using the program, but I am afraid of someone getting into an editing window and changing the data. Any way to do this?
  2. V8 Installation aborts in WinXP

    None of the issues addressed in the installation suggestions post applied to my install since it was a clean install for v8. I did get a successful install by selecting the Standard rather than Custom installation. On the Custom installations which failed, I had deselected the language modules and the example module. Those were the only non-standard things about the install I couldn't get to work. Ray
  3. I have tried to install V8 a couple of times on my XP SP3 machine and the installation aborts each time with the message "There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." This is not being installed as an upgrade. I currently have version 6.12 installed on this machine, but am installing v8 as a new, independent installation as I don't want to remove v6 until v8 is running well. I have disabled my anti-virus software during the install process without any difference in results. Any help would be appreciated. Ray
  4. Thanks...the Surety settings did the trick. I was remembering the Ahnentafel report from my original DOS genealogy program that produced (obviously incorrectly) a descendant's listing rather than an ancestor listing. Still using version 6 by the way... Ray
  5. I can't get any results from an Ahnentafel report. Doesn't matter whether I print to screen, Word file, etc. I can pick a focus person, set the number of generations, and click Print & Save, but the results are always a page with the heading "Ahnentafel of an Unknown Person" followed by the entry "1. an unknown person" and that's the end of the report. The person I am choosing is definitely in the data and definitely has descendant generations. Ray
  6. Move to new computer

    I've got a high-speed connection, so the one-step process of downloading the trial version sounds best. Thanks
  7. I need to move my TMG software to a new computer. I have a Version 5.xx Gold on CD and have paid/registered for version 6, having version 6.03 currently installed. What is the quickest way to install through version 6.03 on my new computer? Can I install version 5.xx from CD, then use only the latest version 6.03 upgrade file or do I have to install each upgrade sequentially? Thanks