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  1. When I opened tag it went to repair mode. I picked the project I wanted to use and ir said it did not recognize it as a valid project. I have other project s and I had no problem with those. After numerous attempts I decide to restore the project it wouldn’t recognize. That went fine. Then the next day it was back to invalid and the repair made de kicked in. I think I have reached the end of the line. Any thoughts on fixing this
  2. I have version 6.12. I noticed the the county was wrong on a Marriage tag when reviewing a printout. I went into the record and corrected the entry. When I hit okay and looked at the individuals records the old information was there. I deleted the tag and made a new marriage tag. When I closed the tag again the entry in the County space had changed. Both times it changed to information in other spots in the database. I cannot figure this out but it worries me about my whole database now.