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  1. Thank you. I will try turning the auto relationship calculator off and back on.
  2. I am using TMG v6.12 Gold and it says my 6th great grandmother is "no blood relation." Therefore her ancestors are not linked to my project either. I have tried forcing the bride on the marriage event to get TMG to recognize the relationship but; No joy. This only happens twice in my project, but it cuts off many ancestors. Does anybody copy this weak little station?
  3. Chat room

    I tried what you said Terry and got the same results. I guess I just won't go into the chat room. Virginia, There is no connect button on my blue box. There is a invisible button in the center that takes me to chatrooms all over etherspace.
  4. Chat room

    I go to My Controls, then to the bottom of the page I choose Chat Room. I get a large blue box with two windows: Nickname and Room. Across partially the top are 8 small gray boxes. The big blue box is labeled "ChatSpace Client 1998-2004 Akiva Corp http://www.akiva.com." I think I downloaded something I shouldn't have. When I first tried the chat room I got a message asking if I wanted to download a Chat Client. I thought it was necessary for the TMG chat room. I noticed Opera on my list of programs. Should I blow it away? I am using IE6.0 for browsing. Vic Adams
  5. Chat room

    I got plenty of views but no answer. Is this question too stupid? I am having trouble negotiating this site. I am not intuitive with computers like everyone else seems to be.
  6. local time

    How do I set my personal local time. It's 3 hours off.
  7. Chat room

    How do I enter a chat room? I get two boxes: one for my nickname and one for the room. What's the name of the room?